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left Dublin at half 5 Wednesday  the  22nd Oct, didn't land in Sydney til half 6 Friday morning (aus  time), talk about being wrecked. plane was not an easy trip. food not great , sleep not great, but the free drink went down a treat ;) . as soon as we got off the plane got taxi to bondi and got 1st hostle that found just to get rid of the bags.

out of the lot of us my bag was the heavest  i brought 22.7 kg's (but i sware it was only 17 when i was at home, not including the last min things i sneeked in , sorry head ha) pauls was only 10kg (he only brought socks and jock ha) maura only 17kg and derek only 15kg, and i dont even know where i went wrong, everythng i brought i will use (i think hehe)

back to the hostle ( bondi backpackers), wasnt best out of the lot but sure as soon as we got there and got cleaned up , went to town and corted bank a/c out (which took 2 hours :( ) that sorted went back to hostle and slept for 5pm to 5 am .

i was woken up by the NCT man , asking me could i bring in the car earler , i was half asleep and totally forgot about the car being NCT'd gave teh first number that i could remember and told him to ring that cos i'm in australia , he started to laugh. BUT I WASNT JOKING  I REALLY AM IN OZ , IF YOUR READING THIS MISTER NCT MAN I WAS ASLEEP ha 
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photo by: Sunflower300