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Here we go, in the whee hours of the morning 4 am to be exact. The car all loaded, have my coffee cup filled and quitely  put my children in the car. The point to leave so early and having a head start is mainly so my children can sleep a few more hours and lessen the trip in the car a bit. We leave from Gent, Belgium and are going thru Holland and Germany to make our way to Prague. Gosh, I love driving the autobahn and my sister's Benz  is cruising smootly at 150 mph.  We arrive early at the border and sail right thru. No smow, mthe weather is helping us getting there faster. There's lots of land out here and we are enjoying the scenery. Arriving In prague was a breeze and we check into a hostal. First time for my children to stay in one.

Unfortunately I forgot the name of that place because it is one of the best I stayed in. Very clean room and they turned the cellar into a little bar and restaurant that's very cozy with pretty good food. I can't help but noticing how beautiful the people are here. Over the next few days we tour around the city which is very clean, safe and has gorgeous architecture. the winding cobble stoned street give this city so much charm. There are a lot of tourist once the afternoon comes around, so get here early if you like to take your time and not be stuck in huge crowds. There are plenty of cafe's and restaurants and the coffee is soooo much better that Starbucks.This is a fun place but after a few days we are ready for something else. Just one more place so we canhave a little more knowledge about this country.

We are looking to go south and our hotel ownedr suggest Cesky Krumlov to us, so that's where we are heading to. It is fun dring in the country when the landscape is so beautiful. The fields seem never ending. We are arriving in town. There is a river running thru here  and after driving for a few minutes we notice that everything there is to see and do is in the car free center. We decide to get a hotel room overlooking the river and check in. The river is so much fun and the old houses and bridge is so much fun my kids are immediately entertained and so am I. This town is fun, build on 2 levels at first it is a little confusing to get around. It also may have to do with the part that we came in walking by the river instead of taking what almost everyone else does, the streets.

 We are by far like everyone else.The river runs like a horse shoe around this town. The building are awesome and the bar and restaurants have so much character. There is a beautiful building that's about 3 stories hight  and was lived in by noble pleople. Don't know if you can call it a castle but is surely is unique, especially the way it is build on 2 seperated rock and a bridge looking support in the middle. It is fun walking around here with the different levels and since this is all car free it sure makes it easy on the walkier.It amases me how such a beautiful town can just be located in the middle of nowhere. then again, we see it all to common. I truly love this place, it is cold and a bit snowing. the restaurant have fire places and candles.
 It is so quite here, peace seems everywhere.  We are hwere for a few days and will enjoy every minute of it. The colors on some of the towers is a first for me. Western Europe doesn't have that. And that's why we travel.

We decide to go bad by going a little south, close to the Austrian border. I didn't realize how far of the freeway we really are and we are running into a lot of snow, Making it at timwes hard to see and on some roads hard to drive since it is freezing up. We will enjoy some of that snow. In Texas you'll never see that. Out of the car and snowballs start flying around. This is what it feels like beuing young at heart and taking the time out to have fun. We are in for a long way home. it was a trip well worth it and it has peaked  my interest in seeing a lot more of Eastern Europe.  Better be ready for us. 

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141 km (88 miles) traveled
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photo by: vulindlela