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Today marks my arrival in Salzburg. And just to state for the record, I was not here for the "Sound of Music" tour or anything associated with it. (It was pure torture watching this movie back in juniour school.) I was here to explore the city and see the mountains. It was a fairly short walk from the train station to the Hostel. You can refer to my review for the Hostel in this blog. But it was very nicely situated and both the new and old city centres were in easy walking distance to the Hostel.

Now if you are still scratching your head trying to figure out why I chose this title, well just be a little patient and you will see why as I tell you a story of what happened on my first night in Salzburg.

The first thing that I did when I got to the hostel was to go to my dorm room and left my backpack in the locker. There were two Canadians sharing my dorm with me so it was straight downstairs for a beer at the bar. Then while we were enjoying our beers we then meet up with a group of three Americans. The Beer kept on flowing and the good times rolling. Then the two Canadians retired early, as they were on their way to Bad Gasten the next day. Now it was just me and the three Americans. We then got bored of the bar and decided to hit the town and see whats what. So we then left the hostel and made our way to the city centre. After visiting a few places we then chose to go to this Irish pub. It then became a joke with the four of us and we were laughing and thinking that we are in Austria and there is an Irish pub.
Well curiosity got the better of us and we when went inside to see what it was like. Then thats when it happened.

I was still wearing the same clothes that I had on the train when I left Munich, so I didn't think or consider what I was wearing as I walked inside. And I walked inside wearing a black top with the German badge on it and big, white, bold writing saying "Deutchland" on the front of it. The four of us were standing inside at the entrance and the people inside were giving us the most wierd looks. It was as though the four of us were aliens from a foreign planet. Automaticly the adrenilin started kicking in as I sensed nothing but trouble awaiting us. I then scaned the room, it was packed. Even if the other three backed me up the odds were against us.
At best ten to one. I kept on thinking to myself, "What is going on here?". Then that is when we noticed her. She was by far the most beautiful girl there that night, with her blonde hair, dazzling blue eyes and a smile that would light up the heavens. She then walked towards us. And she was laughing as she approached me and asked, "Ok ok, where from the states are you from?" to which I replied, "I'm not an American". She then looked me up and down then said, "Well you can't be German. Cause no German would be crazy enough to walk into a place like this with a top like that!". Realising what the cause was I was then very embarrased and apologised. Then I explained the situation saying that I had this top on and underneath it was a Bayern Munich team jearsy. I then asked her what I should do. She then smiled at me and said, "Wear the Bayern Munich jearsy, thats better." And just like that the ice was broken and the whole bar warmed up to us. I still can't help thinking what would have happened to us if it was not for her.

We then carried on having beers and talking with the rest of the people in the pub, and the evening turned into one of my most memorable times in Europe.

The rest of the time in Salzburg seemed to fly by and I really enjoyed my time here.
oceanroses says:
Haha... a typically american mistake with the shirt. And I don't think it would have been that bad, hadn't the germans beat us at the EM just months before. Lucky you, that you got saved!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2009
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