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The Tourguide on the City Bus Tour
I had landed in Munich after a 7 hour flight from Bahrain. Had my backpack and now faced my first obstacle. Trying to figure out how the train system works, South Africa's public transport is non existant, so this was the first time that I was using the train. The major problem for me was that I don't speak german, am trying to learn it, so that made trying to figure out how to buy a ticket that little bit more difficult. So after catching the correct train and admiring the country side and the city views from the train. I arrived at Munich HaufBanhoff and then walked to find my Hostel.To my surprise I found the street and it was lined all the way with hostels. I had decided on staying at Jeager's Hostel.
looking over the lake towards the palace

I had settled in and now it was time to explore. So will just mention the highlights of these first 5 days.

To explore the city I had choosen to do 1 of those bus tours. There were two options the inner loop or the outer loop. The outer loop was a nicer choice as it took you to Nympthemberger palace, Olympic Park and some other places on the outer edge of the city. And it was better value for money  as the outer loop joined the inner loop and ran along the inner loop. So for a small extra fee I took the Outer Loop. As the Bus started moving the tour guide was good and kept on telling us interesting things about the city. The first stop was Nympthemberger palace. Our tickets were valid for the whole day so we could leave the bus and explore the palace then catch the next bus later.
So the tour guide mentioned that the back gardens were very beautiful, so I decided to see for myself. I started at the front of the palace then went through the gift shop, and finally entered the back gardens. It was amazing how big the gardens actually were. To think that in the city limits of Munich there was such a huge palace and gardens. So I started exploring. 2 hours later and I had only walked around a third of the gardens. I was tired and admitted defeat thinking that the rest of the gardens can wait for another time. I then got back onto the bus. The next stop was Olympic park. I was so tired that I decided to stay on the bus and not explore. So we carried on with the tour and in all the tour was very useful as it then gave you an idea on how you could navigate yourself through the rest of the city as you had an idea where everything was.

The 2nd day was my trip to Fussen and Schwangau.

The 3rd day was spent on my own walking through the city centre, and looking for and having lunch at the famous Hofbrauhaus.

The 4th day I went and explored the English Gardens. 1 of the ladies that work at Jeager's had told me that in the English Gardens there is a section on the river and there is a standing wave there. And that the locals surf it. I was interested to see this standing wave so that was my goal for the day to find this wave. The English gardens are very big and there are 3 rivers that flow through these gardens. So spending the day I walked around and looked. And found the wave. The rivers were not flowing that strong so the wave didn't look that impressive, but you could imagine with the rivers being a lot stronger after maybe winter that this would be a decent size wave.

Day 5 was spent organising my train ticket for Salzburg. Organising accomodation for Salzburg. And relaxing at the hostel.

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The Tourguide on the City Bus Tour
The Tourguide on the City Bus Tour
looking over the lake towards the …
looking over the lake towards the…
Shop in City Centre
Shop in City Centre
The front lake at Nymthphenburger …
The front lake at Nymthphenburger…
Nymthenburger Palace
Nymthenburger Palace
This swan was over 1 m tall
This swan was over 1 m tall
Looking towards the canal and city…
Looking towards the canal and cit…
At the front of the palace looking…
At the front of the palace lookin…
At the back of the palace looking …
At the back of the palace looking…
Mommy I want 1 :)
Mommy I want 1 :)
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