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Today was the day that Nathalia and I decided to go to the mountains. I had wanted to go to the mountain that had the "Eagle's Nest" by Berchesgarden. But the season had just ended, so no one was going up there. And what concerned Nathalia was that the resturant on top would be closed as well. So following her advice we then set our eyes on Gaisberg. It was a beautiful day, and the hiking started. 30 minutes into the hike, Nathalia was already laughing at me as I was huffing and puffing my way up the mountain. We could see the summit as we hiked up but after a while it seemed that the summit was never ending and that we were getting no where. Two thirds of the way up I was broken, I had no energy left and I was finished. This mountain had killed me. But with Nathalia's encouraging words on not to give up and that we were so close to the summit.
Nathalia- Sweet heart of Salzburg
I was able to pick myself up and carry on. Finally we reached the summit, and I lost whatever breadth that I did have left on the amazing view at the top of the rest of the Alps just stretching away for as far as the eye can see. Now we had a choice of two resturants at the top to choose from. The summit was very busy with people, mostly people that just drove their cars to the summit. Maybe they were wiser than us? Then that made the choice easy as the first resturant was full. So it was a no brainer, we would just have to eat at the second one. So for 2 hours we enjoyed a good meal. I was able to regain my strength after eating a Kasnockn and drinking a Radler. Now don't think of me as a weakling for not drinking just straight beer, but I was so exhausted that a straight beer would have knocked me out, so I needed to have the beer diluted.
After that it was time to leave, I was hoping that we could just take the bus back down but Nathalia had other ideas. Claiming that it would be ten times easier to walk back down. Well we were in for a surprise. Walking along the paths you couldn't help but walk fast because of the incline. And in a lot of the areas on the path down there were loose stones and it was very easy to lose your footing. Nathalia slipped once and so did I. Twisting and spraining my ankle in such a way that I nearly fell flat on my face. And this happened half way down so had to grin and bear the pain in my ankle for the rest of the decent. We finally reached the bottom in good time as it was getting dark. I was so exhausted, all I wanted was a hot shower and my bed. But looking back on the Gaisberg I couldn't help this feeling of accomplishment, and that memory of that day will stay with me forever.

Recipe For Kasnockn Courtesy of Nathalia
Serves 2-4 people.
200 grams Wheat Flour
A pinch of Salt
2 Eggs
1/8 L Water
30 grams Butter
150 grams Cheese (preferably the smelly, spicy kind.)
100 grams Onions cut into small cubes.
1/8L Bouillon (clear soup from soup cubes, types being Vegtable, Chicken, Beef.) or use Water instead.
Fresh Chive (optional)


Put flour into a bowl, add salt, then make a little hole in the middle of the flour and add a little water. Add eggs and the rest of the water and beat into a soft dough.

Boil salted water and then grate the dough into the water. So that the small grated pieces fall into the water. Let Boil for about 3 minutes then rinse with cold water.

Fry the onion in a high pan till glazed. Then add cooked dough. Add cheese and mix. Then add the Bouillon and mix it up a bit.

Then serve adding the chive as a topping.
cvanzoen says:
I really should visit Austria again it has been to long!
Posted on: Feb 27, 2009
Frostbourne says:
Not yet. AM waiting for a special occasion.
Posted on: Feb 27, 2009
oceanroses says:
Did you try cooking that already? Because I did, and I had the wrong kind of cheese, so it tasted different...
Posted on: Feb 27, 2009
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Nathalia- Sweet heart of Salzburg
Nathalia- Sweet heart of Salzburg
photo by: travpro11