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The lady and her bodyguards :-)
At the same time I was in MK, two colleagues of mine where in England, too. One was in Birmingham and one in Gloucester, so that we decided to meet somewhere. This week, it was my turn to come call in J.'s in Birmingham and the next day we should go to London to meet S. there and to have a nice day in the city.

So after work I packed some stuff for the trip and had almost left the house when one of my housemates offered to take me to the station. Of course, I accepted the offer, because this way I saved a mass of time. (And during all the short trips I was very happy to have taken a large rucksack with me. Otherwise I would have had to fuss around with a colossus of a suitcase everytime. And already the way to MK turned out to be pretty stressful with such a large thing.
..). Nevertheless, I went to the station, got my ticket and was terribly happy that there where monitors showing which train was to leave from which platform. This was something they still hadn't invented at the station at Birmingham airport which nearly had driven me mad.
After an hour or so I finally reached Birmingham, where J. was already waiting for me. While we were taking the bus to his place, he tried to explain to me what was waiting for me at the house he lived in with another German and an Indian. From what he told me these two guys seemed to be pretty strange and the next days this impression even intensified. But lets start with the house: From the outside, it looked even better than the buildings around, which doesn't have to mean anything^^.
The world's best cider!
And the inside...well, at first, I almost tripped on the stairs which were up to then the most narrow ones I had ever seen. And the steps were so small, that I could even place my feet properly on them so that it was almost perilous to walk up and especially down.  The next highlight were the rooms upstairs: The bathroom was in a condition that I hardly dared to have a shower in the bath tub later as everything was so old and grubby - brrr. The bedrooms were even better: J. (let's call him Jay) slept in a room kept completely in blue with a huge Arielle on the wall - so cute^^.
But the best about this house were maybe his housemates. One of them was really nice, but forgot everything one told him the next minute - I don't exaggerate, it was really that way.
I still remember how often we had to repeat things. The other one was completely weird. He kept everything in the frigde: Even coffee powder and packet soups which caused that it was completely full all the time. Oh ...and the cocoa was in the freezer :-) Another funny thing about him was the notice he had put on the door of his room: He went home for two weeks and wrote on it what he had to take: Clothes, camera, passport. Sweet :-)

In the evening Jay and me went for a small pub crawl. Then I saw how beautiful the city centre of Birmingham is - especially around the channels.
The first bar we went in was the Mailbox, which was quite lively although it was pretty early. There, I learned that going out in England is different to going out in Germany in some points: While in Germany the people mostly go out "as they are", in Birmingham most of the guys wore suits (rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, did I mention that i LOVE guys in suits?) and despite the cold almost all the ladies were dressed in very short and sexy dresses with the matching shoes (Jay called this "high-heel alarm").
Guys in suits all around.......rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
There was especially one lady, who I still remeber. On her feet there was a pair of murderous silver stilettos. Her dress matched perfectly: A tiny, silver something which ended only a strong man's heartbeat beneath her backside and with the deepest drop neck that has ever crossed my way - amazing how she managed it that it didn't lead to a following "nipplegate"^^. But what surprised me even more: The men around didn't almost notice her not to mention gaping at her as it would be the case here in Germany. They seem to be used to such performances:-)
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The lady and her bodyguards :-)
The lady and her bodyguards :-)
The worlds best cider!
The world's best cider!
Guys in suits all around.......rrr…
Guys in suits all around.......rr…
photo by: eddie8498