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This was my second working day in MK. On the 1st day, the team assistent had picked me up. Regrettably, I hadn't cared about which way she took. So on Tuesday morning, I went off with a map in my hand and the hope that it wouldn't be so far, because there was no direct bus connection.
However, it took me only 10 minutes and a roundabout to lose my way first time. Luckily, there was a school nearby (with lots of children with this cute school uniforms^^) so that I could ask one of the teachers. Of course, they were able to tell me how to get to Willen Lake. Nevertheless, askant as I am I stuck to the saying "Trust is good, control is better" and asked one of the older pupils, too. And 10 m further another one^^. So after three or four different people had told me one direction, I finally realized, that maybe they really told me the truth.

I was walking over half an hour when I reached the next riddle: Another roundabout. But this time there was no school, no nothing - even the pavement had ended 100 m earlier. So I stood there at the roadside like a fool and only forests and cars rushing around me. But what should I do? I walked on through the mud (later I hoped all the time nobody would look down and see my grubby shoes) until I noticed a hotel. It was the one at Willen Lake so actually I should have been almost at my destination. However, I didn't have to wait long for the disentchantment: When I asked the girl at the reception how to get to my company, she just looked at me with her big, clueless doe eyes. At this moment I could have started to cry. It was already an hour past since I left my home and it seemed as if my company had never existed. But it wouldn't help. So I went on, just in direction of the Lake as I didn't know where to go, anyway.
Luckily, it seemed, as if the guy up there in heaven had a bit mercy left for me. 'Cause after a while I saw the familiar wooden building. The only problem was: Between me and company building there were about 300 m of wet, knee-high grass. So when I finally arrived at work, I looked as if had a hike through a moor behind me. Pretty awkward for just the 2nd day and with the other people all wearing suits and perfectly polished shoes. Besides, the team assistent had already called my houselord out of worry - couldn't have a better start^^
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Milton Keynes
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