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Having arrived in Milton Keynes, I took a taxi to my accomodation. On the way there, I thought at least three times that this was my last day on earth. This was exactly everytime we got to a circus and the driver turned left -  then I grabbed my seat everytime. I suppose the indentation are still visible. Well, after this trip that feeled like an eternity, I was to pay. In this moment I was really happy not to rely on what a friend had said to me before "You can pay everywhere with a credit card". Well, in this taxi this wasn't possible so when the driver told me this fact with a helpless expression in his eyes I was glad to have taken some cash with me and gave him a generous tip so that he apperently felt obliged to carry my luggage just to the door. I was really anxious about him, because he was about 70 years old and seemed to weigh not much more than my bag. But he didn't let me do it myself. Luckily, he managed to carry it without a slipped disc.

After all, I was on place one hour earlier than I planned (pessimistic as I am I supposed to miss all the trains, buses and whatever I had to take). Unfortunately, the landlord took the time I told him for granted. So when I knocked at the door, a guy in a bathrobe opened and started to mumble sth I didn't understand in the least. Therefore I just did what I thought he wanted me to do and sat down in one of the "lounges" as he called the tiny living room. From that moment I was convinced that he was Paul, the landlord, and it took me almost two weeks (!!) to find out, that he wasn't 'Paul' but his - so I supposed, as they seemed to share a bedroom - boyfriend.

Eccentric as my - probably - gay landlord and his boyfriend were also my flatmates. These were:
- a student from France who had such thick glasses, that his eyes seemed to be almost as big as tennis balls when you looked at him
- another female student from france with a French accent, which can make a guy go mad - haven't ever heard such a sexy accent in my life^^
- a girl who looked like a child compared to her boyfriend. They were both fans of metal and gothic and also looked like this. When they cooked together, they always listened to marylin manson and when the made a curry, it had always simmered for over a day (I do not exaggerate)

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Milton Keynes
photo by: sarahelaine