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It was four o'clock in the morning now. Three hours earlier we had fallen completely tired into the bed and tried to get some sleep before starting out again for London. However, the bed we had to share was terribly narrow and the mattress so high that instead of sleeping, we spent the time trying not to fall off the bed. As we both are pretty tall, this ended in a struggle for every centimetre of springs and down.

So hardly had we lain down we had to get up again and go for the bus station. This meant going by bus for half an hour and then still walking a kilometre or two. It was wet and cold and due to my drowsiness I was even colder than I would have been anyway. After what seemed to be an eternity we finally arrived at the station which turned out to be a large, draughty hall, where we had to wait for the bus another hour - just my luck.
The sausages and bacon I preferred to leave to my friend...

Two hours later or so we finally reached London. As we both were completely hungry, we decided to have breakfast before meeting up with S. Jay had already gotten a fan of everything that was British so he even started to drink his tea with milk (which I haven't been able to force down up to these days). Therefore he dragged me into a cafe where they offered traditional full English breakfast with eggs, sausages, bacon and buttered toast.  Well, while Jay fell in love with the bacon and the sausages, I, who is rather the fruit and muesli breakfast type, tried to get down at least the toast. The Englisch Muffins and Brownies are definitely better. Costa Coffee, Millies Cookies and however they all are called managed this way to contribute a good part of the 7 kg I gained in these 5 weeks of my stay.
The lady in yellow...well, it's a guy

Lateron, we met up with S. (let's call her Susie) at Picadilly circus. The rest of the day we spent sightseeing. This was pretty hard as we were almost walking all the way. After a while, we started to wonder why there were guys with a British flag in pink everywhere - some of them wearing the typical latex and synthetic leather stuff one knows from gay clubs they are presented in films from the 80s. Well, it turned out that we were in London at Christopher Street Day :-D Unfortunately it was raining almost all the time, but nevertheless it was a great party at Trafalgar Square. I even got a present from a nice looking guy there: Two extra strong condoms with each a little pack of lubricant ^^.  Alas, I couldn't do anything with that :-D

Later the day, after we had made for sure over 20 km by foot, we came past St.
A scene from National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Paul's Cathedral. In front of it, there was a mass of priests so we supposed a convention to take place there. Out of curiosity, we asked some of the priests what it was all about. Althoug they looked pretty strange munching sandwiches from a cooling shelf and drinking starbucks coffee out of paper cups, we didn't suspect anything. Well, the answer of the guy was " Well, as you can see, we are all priests" after what his colleagues started to laugh. Before our overstrained brains could catch on what was it all about, a guy with oversized sunglasses shouted at us to get out of the scene.
As it turned out, we had dropped into the shooting for a movie, which came months later into the cinemas known as "National Treasure: Book of Secrets". The scene they were taking was the one with the black car rushing into a group of priests. After they had to repeat it already the umpteen time I already started to feel sympathy with the poor guys who had to stand around in the rain till the car came to jump out of the way.

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The sausages and bacon I preferred…
The sausages and bacon I preferre…
The lady in yellow...well, its a …
The lady in yellow...well, it's a…
A scene from National Treasure: Bo…
A scene from National Treasure: B…
London skyline from the Thames
London skyline from the Thames
The house of Harrods
The house of Harrod's
The Parliament
The Parliament
Short break in the All bar one
Short break in the All bar one
At Picadilly circus
At Picadilly circus
photo by: ulysses