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the ice on the ocean, view from the plane

We got to London around 9 pm to minimize our jet lag.  I bought the Eurostar tickets online and didn't realize I had picked a specific time that our train left... oops.  It left at 6 am the next morning, and we stayed next to the airport, which if you've been to London you know it's HUGE, to say the least.  Thank goodness the conciege was nice, they were very helpful and arranged for a cab to come pick us up at 5 in the morning, so 42 pounds lighter we get to the train station.  Eventually we get on the train and finish sleeping, where we arrive in Brussels 2-3 hours later.  When we get off the train we are, naturally, instantly lost.  We're looking at the trains and trams that are leaving and this sweet old Flemish man comes up to us.

the view
  He starts talking to us and it takes me a second to realize that he's talking to us and when I figure it out John is already nudging me to speak to him.

"I speak French, and not even well!! What do you want me to do??"

"I dunno, talk to him"

So I try to sign what we are looking for, and I'm frantically looking through the french phrases looking for something, anything about "hotels."  He sees that I don't speak Flemish and takes me to a woman that translates what he's saying to us, and pleastly surprised in English.  She tells us to get on tram 55A. I see a sign that says information, get out my french phrases book again this time marking what I might need to say to her, and we ask for some information, she points us in the direction of the tram.  We get on the wrong one, of course, and end up in the wrong part of town I guess, go in the first shop and he tells us to go back to the train station because our hotel is right outside the train station!!!! 

That night looking for some grub we get lost in the red light district... eventually we find sustanance and the hotel. 

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the ice on the ocean, view from th…
the ice on the ocean, view from t…
the view
the view
me and John in Belgium!!
me and John in Belgium!!
Belgian Coke!!
Belgian Coke!!
The Botanical Gardens it took us 2…
The Botanical Gardens it took us …
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photo by: Vlindeke