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View of the aerial tramway, looking back into Chur.
For my last day Lichtenstein/Switzerland I spent most of my time in the Swiss city of Bad Ragaz, which is where Sacha has his office, and Chur which is one of Switzerland’s oldest cities.

I spent a couple of hours walking around Chur’s old medieval district, and checking out the cathedral, and other various buildings. It wasn’t super impressive from an architectural stand point, but the location is beautiful.

I walked up to one of the higher points of the city and I noticed what looked to be electrical lines running down one of the mountains and into the city centre. But, as I was taking pictures I saw a small little car coming down one of the lines and it turned out to be an aerial tramway to the top of the mountain and a ski area.
Nicely colored pulley that was part of the tram.

Since I still had a few hours to kill, taking the tram up seemed to be a good way to do it even though the round trip ticket was 24 euros. I’ve pretty much given up even thinking about how much things like that cost now, and just wander around doing what I please. It would not be a good long term fiscal strategy, but for a medium length vacation it’s a lot of fun.  :-)

Anyways, the tram ride up was great, it starts really steep, and there is only one set of towers between the bottom and the top which creates what I guess is a parabolic arc on each side of the tower, kind of like a cable suspension bridge. My terminology may be off here, but you can look at the pictures to get a feel for the size of the climb.

Once at the top you have to catch another smaller gondola car up to the ski area itself, and then from there it is a pleasant 10min walk to the main resort area.
One of the nearby mountains as seen from the top of the tram.
I had a nice lunch looking out over the mountains, and some more yummy beer. I’m going to miss the beer here, because I think Italian beer is even worse than French beer, so it looks to be wine from here on out (very rough I know).

I rode the tram back down to town, caught the train back to Bad Ragaz where I picked up my big suitcase, and said goodbye to Sacha. We both agreed that we were still feeling a little rough from the night before, and he left work early to drop me back off at the train station.  From there it was a little over an hour to Zurich, which took me back up the valley, through Sargans, and along some just gorgeous lake/river/mountain scenery.

The Zurich train station is nice, but my train got in around 5:30pm so it was really crowded with commuters. There is a huge shopping complex under the station, and I wandered around in there for at least two hours. They have some great stuff, but with the Euro as strong as it is against the dollar and it being Zurich, I just window shopped.

I boarded my night train to Florence at 10pm, and wow what a difference from the Paris to Sargans night train. It was a first class sleeping car with two bunks, but I was the only one in the cabin. There was a sink, mirror, a nice collection of various toiletries, and the steward brought a bottle of sparkling water when he came to pick up my passport for the border crossing. I went to sleep at around 10:30pm and didn’t wake up until 6am when the steward knocked on my door to give me my passport back and to tell me that we would be in Florance in about 20 minutes. Now that was a nice way to travel between countries at night.  :-)

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View of the aerial tramway, lookin…
View of the aerial tramway, looki…
Nicely colored pulley that was par…
Nicely colored pulley that was pa…
One of the nearby mountains as see…
One of the nearby mountains as se…
photo by: hellenica