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In terms of detail, it is a little hard to recall, although it has been 5 years so i think i deserve a little break. Hokkaido is a completely different world from the mainland. It is beautiful and serene, although especially at this time of year, expect to enjoy the place at a constant sticky state. The humidity is a little high at that time of year (something that I didnt know before packing 5 sweaters, and scarfs.) The schools are i think what most surprised me about this place. Other than never seeing blonde, and having fruit that is as expensive here as a nice steak is in the U.S. the schools are amazing. They are the cleaniest public place that I have ever been in. Get this, they have different school shoes, shoes that they only use when inside the school, their outside shoes never touch the pure white floors of the hallways. If you like sushi, it will be ruined for you after visiting Japan. This is because the sushi in Japan is a million times better than any sushi I have ever experienced in the U.S. The people also, a good thing to know, are inherently giving and accomodating. If you want to be polite, when visiting a Japanese home, do not compliment them on the artwork that they have displayed. I did this, and the mother of the family I was staying with, proceeded to take the painting off the wall and handed it to me. Ya, i know, makes you feel like our culture is a little selfish doesnt it? Also, if you have curly hair, or hair that is is any way light, expect to be petted a lot, ya by strangers, all over the place. At the very least people will stare. In terms of a time difference, Japan is day ahead of us. This shows in everything. Compared to the U.S. Japan is what the future looks like. Their technology and overall organization is so far ahead of us its amazing.
Eric says:
I've heard the cell phones in Japan are like 3 generations ahead of the ones in the USA...
Posted on: Feb 12, 2007
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