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A perfect blue sky day! We have a last buffet breakfast downstairs together.
DQT leaves as he has done several times, a note in spanish explaining he is leaving behind clothes, sneakers and travel bag as gifts intentionally left, and today is no exception. He went home with one bag instead of 2! How smart! I watch him leave on the 630 shuttle to the airport. Flight is at 845 am on Delta #244 back to Atlanta, a 757.
I leave 830 shuttle for a 10:50 am on American #2166 to Dallas, a 757, Free wireless at SJO airport terminal. Airport seems nearly all new now. Neat watching Lake Nicaragua, the volcanoes of El Salvador, Merida, Mexico and all of Houston from 35,000 feet. Was able to use stickers to upgrade on the Super 80 flight with a first class dinner from Dallas to Indy. 2 inches of fresh snow and 20 degrees, felt .... Refreshing!

Below - found on the Bosque De Paz website:

Hi Frederico, 

I wrote this poem after we left Bosque de Paz in April. The feeling of being there was still strong inside of me. I thought you should have it since you are the one who made Bosque de Paz possible.

A mountain forest way up high
Close enough to kiss the sky

Untouched beauty born from grace
You feel that it's a timeless place.

Who can say how much it's worth
Enjoy the sweetness of the earth.

A place so green, a realm of light
A love for all is pure delight.

Countless birds up in the trees
The breath of God is in the breeze

They sing their songs of endless praise,
Inside our hearts the rhythm plays

My restless thoughts begin to cease
I fall into the well of peace

To see the oneness of the whole
It is my everlasting soul.

sylviandavid says:
They sing their songs of endless praise...."

Posted on: Oct 07, 2014
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