One rainforest to another. This one on a nice river that goes to the Atlantic

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Mon We take a long 6am bird walk on our own, (saving a $50 guide) and watch hummingbirds mostly; lots of purple saberwings fighting over the feeders, and an exciting tiny volcano hummer much like a ruby-throated. Hummers showing new brilliant colors in the sun. Perfect, clear sky day. Disappointed in the low number of birds, and that there are no bananas out like at every other birding place. I mention it to Mario, who smiles says yes, etc., and that's the end of it. Had runny fried eggs, rice and beans, and some specialty homemade goods. I joke with waiter asking if this is Columbian coffee, and Frederico explains there was a guy in CR whose name was Juan Valdez, who drank Costa Rican coffee, and there was a big ad campaign about it, and I told him I had the sticker! F says he never will expand. Canadians Bob and Ione tell us F has old money and has invested it here. We exchange email addresses, and their driver is here to take them at 830. Take showers, ours is all stonework and wonderful hot water. We take several short happy walks through this paradise, flowing creeks beautifully picturesque. Nice cool breezes. Loving this peaceful place. Relaxing. Wonderful place indeed, but at the same time, not sure we'd come back. During lunch, we watch a coati climb thru some bushes and knock some hummingbird feeders down and began lapping up the sweet liquid like a maniac. We call for help, Mario calls him "Munchie" and the cut some branches but he still tries again. At about 1 we proceed down a nasty rocky road to pavement again and then some really remote roads and villages, then onto some familiar roads on down to Leona's, a combo hostel, stained glass place, rafting place, and check e-mail at a new internet place in the town of La Virgen. Then the final stretch to the rain forest at Finca Selva Verde Lodge at Chilamante, Sarapiqui, CR. DBL included. We get a newer and huge room not by the river as was confirmed, but near the new swimming pool. David notes several additions and improvements. We take an inspection tour, cross the river on the suspension bridge, have a rum drink in rockers on the river. RIver is down, and no sign of rain at all. At dinner the PR gal buys us wines because of our frequent stays here. Some folks from Germany, Holland, but nobody we got to talking with. Place gets better and better. They are now replacing roofs, mattresses, and adding an a' la carte Italian restaurant. I play some funny things on computer, and we retire early. Poor Dave has a nearly sleepless night. Selva Verde Lodge is located in the lush lowlands of northeastern Costa Rica, on a very large, private tract of virgin tropical rainforest and rich second-growth habitats. It is adjacent to Braulio Carrillo National Park and the Organization for Tropical Studies' field station, La Selva. While at Selva Verde, guests may schedule an array of activities suited to every interest and ability, from relaxing in a hammock and absorbing the wonder of the forest, to rafting on the Sarapiquí, or hiking Selva Verde's rainforest trails with a resident naturalist. Beyond its roughly 500 acres of preserved rainforest, the lodge boasts a resident naturalist, local guides and an ever-expanding reference library. The Lodge provides ample accommodations with private baths and showers. The rooms are well-maintained and open into large, spacious, wooden balconies.
sylviandavid says:
Really wishing there were photographs.... It all sounds so beautiful!
Posted on: Oct 07, 2014
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