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Vikos Village

Whew!  We were soaked from rain and sweat, but here we were in Vikos village.  The owner of the hotel in Monodendri said to find a business and call him, so we headed to the first one we could find.  When I pulled out the business card the hotel owner had given me, it was almost completely destroyed from all the rain.  Luckily, the guy I handed it to could make out the number.  After a short phone conversation, he told us in broken english to get a ride from one of the folks at the restaurant just up the hill.  All right...

We entered the restaurant and were greeted with smiles.  After a short conversation, the lady understood and told her husband that we needed a ride back to Monodendri.  We were offered drinks, but politely declined.  We were also offered a place to sit, which we accepted.  The lady's husband came around with the car and said the cost would be 35 euros.  It was steep, but we had no other way of getting back.  So, we agreed and climbed into his car.  We were still sweaty and wet, but he didn't seem to mind...too much.

The drive between the two towns took 30 minutes where the hike took us a good 7 hours.  We came across another guard dog, who once again ran at the car, barking all the while.  The driver seemed unphased and kept driving straight down the road.  I guess the dog must have stopped short, because we didn't hit him.  Crazy animals.

The driver dropped us off in front of the hotel we stayed at and I paid him and shook his hand.  He gave me a big smile and drove off.  Cathy and I climbed back into our car and started the drive to Kalambaka.  We wanted to make it there before it got dark.  My driving was a lot better than when we left Athens, but I did not want to throw rain and darkness into the mix.

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Vikos Village
Vikos Village
photo by: Nzelvis