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Monodendri in the early morning

After visiting the bridges of Kipi, we went back to Monodendri.  It was started to get dark, so we decided to settle in for the night.  After a lovely spinach pie (it really was excellent), we went back to our room to find that the heat was not working.  When we asked the hotel owner, he said he doesn't turn it on for another 10 or so days because of heating costs!  The good news was that there were several blankets to keep us warm.  There was also a working TV, and we fell asleep to some movie with Stallone and a New York tunnel - I'm sure he ended up saving the day.

The next morning we woke up early and I tried to take a shower.  I am not sure why, since it was raining and I knew I would get dirty on the hike, but I tried anyway.  The freezing cold water only allowed me to go so far before I decided to give up.  We got dressed and went down for breakfast, which was just what we needed for energy.  There was tea, orange juice, eggs, bread, jams, some ham, cheeses, and I know there was more.  It was very filling!  The owner of the hotel had made us lunches which had boiled eggs, bread, and even some chocolate.  We were now set to go.  Cathy used her umbrella and I put on my poncho.  It was about this time that I realized the poncho had a huge tear from my neck to my stomach and was not going to do a good job of keeping me dry, nor did it want to stay on my shoulders.  Oh well, I just held it in place most of the day.  We both wore long pants, which turned out to me a wet mistake (you'd think I would learn my lesson), and set out for the gorge.

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Monodendri in the early morning
Monodendri in the early morning
photo by: Nzelvis