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We got off the highway close to Athens and headed towards Marathon, just to pass through it.  We were running on fumes though, so I had to stop to fill up the tank.  We'd just have to cap it off later.  After the guy filled up the tank, I showed him my credit card but he motioned that he didn't accept it.  I had managed to find one of the few gas stations in Greece that had not caught up to even the 20th century.  So, he asked some lady to watch his store and we had to drive to an ATM and back with him in the car.  It was an annoying experience.  Soon we were on our way again, and we passed through Marathon.  Actually, that's where the ATM was so we passed through it two times.

We made it to the coast and headed south until we reached the town of Rafina.  Cathy had seen it on the map and we knew it was very close to the airport, plus it was on the water.  Seemed like a nice place to take a break.  We parked near the town square and although there wasn't much to see, we walked along the water a bit and just relaxed.  This port town is where many ferries leave for various destinations, so it was neat to watch that as well.  As we walked around, Cathy found two 2 euro coins   Eventually, we got hungry and found a little restaurant that we felt met our needs.  After looking through the menu, I made it very clear what we wanted - 2 chicken souvlaki, pita bread, vegetables, and rice.  The guy nodded, but I repeated it once again to make sure.

When our plates were brought out, there was no rice.  So, I called the guy back and he said they were sorry and he would go make some.  As we ate slowly, waiting for the rice, I noticed the guy was doing a lot of tv watching and not a lot of cooking.  When our plates were almost empty some 20 minutes later, I called him over again.  This time, he said "no rice".  Apparently, they never had rice in the first place.  Boy was I unhappy at that point in time.  I threw down the money for the food and left.

We walked to the Lidl (supermarket) nearby and bought some dessert with the money Cathy had found.  We needed something to fill the rice void, after all.  ;)  It was there that I said goodbye to my poncho, the one that I had taken on several trips prior.  It was an emotional night.  As the sun went down on our last day, we jumped back in the car and headed for the airport.  We would constantly see and hear planes, so we knew we were close.  What we didn't know is that this is where the adventure would really begin.

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