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Baraka Trailer
   If you love travel, culture, nature,'ve got to see this movie.  The description of the film says "A movie with no conventional plot: merely a collection of expertly photographed scenes. Subject matter has a highly environmental theme".
   No matter how much you've traveled, I can promise you that you'll see some new things on here that you've never seen before.  There are beautiful, strange, interesting, and even some very disturbing scenes from all around the world.  It's kinda like a reality check of the world we live in.  If you start to get bored with it, please... just watch it all the way through, it gets better and better!

Here are some of the reviews:
-  Beautiful
"Have I said this is one of my favorite movies? Well, it should be everyone's who can appreciate our planet hearth or, at least to travel. This is a must."
-  Brilliant, Sublime, Beautiful!
"If the deeply moving and visually stunning film doesn't touch you to the very core you must not have a pulse. the music alone makes this worthy of a 10/10 IMO. "
-  And my personal short review would be something like this:
      Beautiful, Shocking, Eye Opening, Amazing!!
"You cannot go another day without seeing this, I could watch it every day".

* Here's the link to the TRAILER:
* Here's the link to watch the movie:

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Baraka Trailer
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