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Our pool area looking frigid at night :)

We got more snow last night!  For Floridians it looked like quite a bit was falling.  :)  It was amazing to see so much precipitation from the sky, and yet everything was silent!  I loved it!

We had already put the puppy to bed, but debated getting her up and taking her out to play and see what she thought of the snow!  Eventually we decided to just relax and show her in the morning.  Then Jesse said, "Let's take the cat out on the balcony!  What would he think of the snow!?" but I was like, "Oh, he'd hate it - it's cold and wet" so we gave up that idea too... plus we didn't know where he had gotten to (he's taken to hiding out in strange places in the apartment lately).

After about an hour I started looking all over the place for him and still couldn't find him.

Snowy bushes near our building at night
.. he wouldn't even come when I rustled the Greenies bag which he ALWAYS does, so I started wondering where in the world he could be.  I looked in ALL his hiding spots and still didn't see him, and even checked the balcony and he wasn't there either.  Then, just as I was walking past our front door and window, I happened to glance out (3 flights down) and saw a cat darting toward the building!!  I grabbed my coat and was out the door in an instant and down the stairs calling for Shadow.

When I got down our 3 flights, I saw that he was almost all the way up the other bottom set of stairs (there are two sets which lead eventually to the same place)!  He stopped when he saw me, and he came right to me as usual.  I grabbed him and he was wet and freezing, but purring his little face off.

Shadow's tracks in the snow!
.. haha.  I took him back inside and Jesse and I had a good laugh that our cat must like snow after all - he was outside for around an hour exploring! 

In fact, when I looked outside I could see all the little places he had been exploring by following his paw print trail!  I had to take pictures to document our Snow Cat's explorations.  And I really think he knew exactly how to get back to our apartment too!  But we'll be careful from now on, because he didn't have his ID tags on, and he's declawed on the front and has never really been outside, so who knows what could happen.

Then this morning I took the puppy out, and she did with the snow what she does with everything - tried to eat it!  Haha, I'll try uploading my short video of her bringing me some snow.

Lots of excitement for a bunch of Floridians!!  Hahaha...

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Our pool area looking frigid at ni…
Our pool area looking frigid at n…
Snowy bushes near our building at …
Snowy bushes near our building at…
Shadows tracks in the snow!
Shadow's tracks in the snow!
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