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Boy, this week has flown!  It really almost seems like we just got here, although I'm completely exhausted from all of the running around I've been doing every day.  I've been telling people that when I get home I'll need a vacation from this vacation! 

This morning I met Dad and Laura at the Panera on Tuscawilla, on the way to see Grandmommy Spence.  I will never tire of their strawberry danishes.  :)

Grandmommy was in good spirits, but she couldn't really form any sentences today.  I told her what was going on in my life (while Laura mocked my halfway Southern accent that comes and goes these days) and she was able to respond in basic words.  We had brought her a giant cinnamon roll, and she kept offering it to us but we were stuffed from our own breakfast items!  It's amazing to me what a perfect hostess she is even as she loses so much of herself to confusion and fatigue... it's as if that polite, genteel part of her is her very core and will be the absolute last thing to go - perhaps not even until her time here on earth is completed.  I love that about her.

Then for lunch, I met Leetra at the Oviedo mall!  We had so much fun!  Time seems to fly when she and I are talking.  After sitting and chatting in the food court for a long time (and seeing Andrew Duke and his family!), we went to Piercing Pagoda and got my right ear RE-pierced where I had had to let it heal when the earring was so crooked last time.  It seemed like no time at all when my phone rang and Jesse was saying, "Where ARE you?  It's almost 4:00 and I need the car to get to my movie with Michael!"  I had to hurry and say goodbye to Leetra (well, we sort of hurried... you know how girls are... we have stages of goodbyes.  :)

Picked up Jesse at home and flew to the Winter Park movie theaters... decided on the way to skip the movie and head straight to Mom's house since I hadn't seen her at ALL this trip!  We had fun and interesting conversations until Laura arrived and then I helped her figure out how to arrange her bedroom.  After dinner, Jesse and I dropped Laura off at Dad's house and ate some meringues and a few bites of creme brulee! Yummm.....

Dropped by the liquor store on the way back home to get some Mango Captain Morgan for Sara - $16!!  I made sure to pack that sucker up to come home with us after Sara was done with it.. not sure what I'll make with it, but for heaven's sake I'm not leaving that $16 behind!

Now it's bedtime!!!  Tomorrow we hit the road for Winston Salem, and Monday we'll be headed to Raleigh for Jesse's 5-week internship with a federal judge there.  Should be interesting!

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photo by: sinaasje