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This evening Dad, Jesse and I met Dennis and Susan at the Dixie Classic Fair!  It was so fun! 

We got there late, around 6pm or so, so we didn't have a fraction of the time it would take to thoroughly visit all the displays or rides, but we still had a great time.  First we just kind of wandered around for a while, looking for the pig racing area (I had my heart set on seeing them!).  We got distracted by a sheep-herding dog demonstration!  We saw two different dogs herd sheep, and then the last one, Ben, also herded ducks!  It was cute and funny, and it's just amazing how obedient those dogs are!  Jesse said it seemed like the dog was an extended appendage of the owner, instantly doing whatever the owner says.

After that we found ourselves in the vegetable display area!  We saw the winners from competitions like "most unusual gourd" and "best matched vegetables", as well as potato and pumpkin decorating contests!  At the end of the hall we saw the giant vegetables!  Biggest watermelon was around 200 lbs, and the pumpkin topped 600 lbs!

Dennis and Susan arrived after that, so we met them in the food area.  I had already consumed an entire bag of cotton candy at this point...  :)  We split up again so Dennis could find some vegetarian fare (ending up with fried vegetables - I tried the zucchini and it was delicious!), and Jesse, Dad and I ended up getting steak sandwiches which were great.

From there we wandered to the rodeo, another thing I had wanted to watch.  We saw multiple men get throttled half to death on the backs of bucking broncos and it was very fun.  :)  Just after the bull riding started, we left to find the pig racing place (I didn't want to miss it!)

After wandering a while, we made it just in time to the pig races, and it turned out to be my favorite after all!  They had 4 piglets racing for an oreo and it was adorable.  They ran out of chutes just like at a real animal race and around the track as fast as their little legs could carry them to get that cookie.  After the piglets, they "raced" some older, full grown pigs, and that was hilarious as well because they didn't care about racing at all.  They wandered so slowly down that track that the whole audience was laughing hysterically.  It was great. 

The best part, though, was Swifty Swine, a little pot bellied swimming pig (smaller than my cat)!  She was actually a diving pig.  They had a trough of water for her to dive into and swim to the other end.  I expected her to take a little plunge and swim to the other end of the 6-8 ft trough.  She stood on the end of the trough, squealing her little head off, not wanting to dive in.  Then when she actually jumped, her leap took her so far that she almost reached the other end of that trough ABOVE the water!!!  Haha, it was so great.  Of course they gave her treats for performing her giant leap.  Finally, I was satisfied - I had watched the pig racing.  Wish I had a video or ANY pictures, but I don't.  Oh well.

We found a funnel cake stand after the pig racing, and then wandered even more, just checking out the displays.  Dad, Dennis and Susan even ate some homemade ice cream after that!  Jesse and I were way too stuffed at that point. 

We ended the evening by watching the fireworks display from the grandstand where the rodeo had been held - beautiful!  Dad got a bunch of great pictures of the fireworks.  Overall, it was a really fun experience!  My only disappointment was not playing any of the games or riding the rides..... maybe next year!

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