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This morning we packed up all of our typical "short-term" belongings (ie clothes, pet things, basic laundry supplies, Wii/laptops, etc) - this time along with some makeshift bedding in the form of a Walmart egg-shell foam pad and all the comforters and blankets we own, since the owner we're privately renting from has furnished everything but the bedroom.. lol.

Anyway, we arrived at the rental (a townhome in south Durham, basically IN Chapel Hill if it were any further in that direction) around 4pm.  I guess I should have expected this, but it was a disaster!  The carpets were disgusting, the hard floors covered in black pet hair.  The fridge splattered with old sauces and crumbs inside and out.  The microwave had charred remains of many types of foods.  Don't even ask about the bathroom.  I could go on, but for your sakes I won't bore you to death.  All that to say that it was gross. 

I had to laugh when I came in from unloading the last things from the car to find Jesse already vacuuming the floors.. haha.  He couldn't stand it for even one more second.  I tried the second vacuum I found, but discovered it had no power button/lever (I think it was broken off), so I started in on the fridge.  Jesse moved to sweeping the floors and shaking out the rugs; I discovered a steam carpet cleaner in the upstairs closet (with no cleaning solution, of course).

After we felt we had managed to create a semblance of cleanliness, we headed to Kroger's down the street for our groceries for the next few weeks.  Bought a duster and some carpet cleaner while there.  We're relatively used to buying supplies for short amounts of time during our travels, but I always wish there were smaller containers of specific necessities, such as spreadable butter, mayo, ketchup, salt, syrup, etc.  Of course, then when there ARE smaller packages (Bisquick, for instance), I always complain about how much more expensive they are.  :)

Got home and went immediately to work on steam cleaning the carpets while Jesse dusted everything.  I got through the living area and moved to what is to be our bedroom.... got a little less than halfway through and the steamer broke!  The suction stopped working suddenly.  So some of the room is 'clean', one strip of carpet is soaking wet, and the rest is dirty... lol.  I looked under the steamer to try and see if there was an easy fix for the problem - OH MY!!!  I wish I had never looked!  I'll probably have nightmares thinking about that horrible, wet, sticky, dirty, hairy mess under there!  Jesse said, "Maybe it's clogged - why don't you try unclogging it?"  I gave him a look that told him that I would much rather sleep on dirty carpet than deal with that disgusting wet hairy mass beneath the cleaner.  Of course HE was welcome to try, but (imagine!) - he refused.  :)  Oh well, I told Jesse we can try to squeeze our makeshift bed onto the clean corner of the room for this week, and when I go home this weekend to work I'll bring back our own steam cleaner.  I did get the hard floors mopped, so that's another good thing.

I managed to sift through the disarray of questionably clean dishes in order to make some spaghetti and breadsticks for dinner tonight.  While dinner was cooking, however, I sterilized all the utensils and plates we were going to use with boiling water in addition to a regular good ol' soapy scrubbing.  Isn't it funny how once you get that "feeling" about the previous tenants' lack of cleanliness/responsibility, you find yourself looking at EVERYTHING as if it were carrying botulism or something??  Hahahaha.....

Well, I'm off to prepare that "bed area" for tonight!  Tomorrow while Jesse is at work I'm going to give this whole place a thorough scrubbing!  Then maybe I'll put up some pictures...

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photo by: FrankMcD