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Today was Ali's big day - highschool graduation!!  It was hilarious, too - the best HS graduation I've ever been to.  Of course that has something to do with the fact that her graduating class was only 48 students, so the school had more liberty to do fun things during the ceremony.  In lieu of a speaker, they played a video in which each student had about 30 seconds to thank their families for helping and encouraging them through school.  They were hilarious!  Some of them just recorded a normal, "Thanks, Mom, for always taking me to practice and helping with my homework, etc" type video, but most of them did something funny like rewrite lyrics for a song, create a poem, stand on their head, dress up in ridiculous costumes, rap, or whatever.  The audience laughed so much!  It was fun.

Afterwards we all went (again!) to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert to celebrate.  This time I mooched off everyone else - I ate some of Sara's nachos and half of OM's banana cream pie cheesecake, which was amazingly tasty.

I ate out every meal today, I think!  Breakfast with Jesse, Ali, and Grandma Barbara at Perkins (a yummy omelette with mushrooms and tomatoes), ... actually, lunch at home with Laura after picking her up early from school - I ate my leftover Chipotle burrito and she ate Jesse's leftover pasta from dinner last night.... dinner out with Uncle Jim and Aaron at Dickies BBQ.  Wow.

Had fun doing Laura's hair today!  I dyed it dark reddish brown, and Jesse cut it.  :)

Tomorrow's our last day here!!  :(

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photo by: sinaasje