why are people so frightened ???

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something i wanna write about, and something we kept asking ourselves while we were in california...

why do the people seem to be so afraid??
i've been in a few bigger cities, barcelona, newyork, miami...
and people were always pretty helpful. however this year in california, everytime we needed some help with the road, how to get from point A to point B, people easily got scared, especially the women.

the usual excuse from women were :
- sorry i'm meeting someone
- no sorry sorry...

and that's just after i've said "excuse me... we need help".
and when they tried to run away, i told them that i needed help with the roadmap.
then they came back, and helped us the best they could. or didn't come back at all. :)
we permanently recognized how they tried to get away from us, whether we were sitting in the car,
or outside the car. once a kid (12-14) almost jumped over a hedge, when my friend get out of the car at
the parking of a mall (at daytime!) to ask how we could get to the mulholand drive. it was funny though, observing him how he wanted to get behind the hedge.

it was also the case, at night in bars, ...
people came towards us, had a small talk...and as soon they knew we'd be from europe, they left us.
do americans really dislike people from europe?:) i've read a lot of blogs and saw articles in books
"the euro trash"... "euro geeks" ...first i thought i'd be a joke. but now i'm questioning my self,
if there might be some truth in it :).

actually it wasn't really the case in san francisco ... people seemed more open. i used to be amazed
about the people's attitude and lifestyle in souther california, especially l.a. but i was negativily surprised
how things changed over there. well i don't wanna globalize the whole thing now. maybe i've just met the wrong people in southern california. but we really didn't feel welcome.

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that's it.... nightlife in santa monica is BORING.
we tried our luck on weekdays, and on weekends...
life's dead at night in santa monica..

i'm still guessing were all those drunk ladys came from...
after 2 or 3 am, you could see some drunk people running around in the streets...
but they probably didn't get drunk in santa monica

we checked out a few bars on santa monica blvd. 2 irish pubs, and there was another bar across the streets, which i can't remember. the first irish bar just around the corner of santa monica bldv & ocean drive, was OK. but nothing compared to other u.s. cities...

on 3rd street, there were a few nice bars like CANTINA, BARNEY'S, YANKEE DOODLE..
Cantina was packed til 9 pm, then it started to get empty...
Barney's was alright til 11pm or 1 am... but there were actually more guys than girls inside...
same counts for yankee doodle. at least the last one had lots of pool tables, so during the week
we played pool, and took advantage of the happy hours ;) most bars offer happy hour time from monday-thursday after 10 pm...so you get a vodka for 3$ an a beer for 2$

if you wanna have fun in that area, you should drive towards hollywood or venice beach...
the guy from our hotel told us we should visit hermosa beach too...lots of younger people, and apparently a street full of bars and clubs... we haven't been there tough

next time i'm gonna be prepared...no more santa monica at night!!
PrissyT says:
I've never ever heard of any type of nightlife that side of town. And what that guy said is true. Hollywood is always good and Hermosa Beach has A LOT of bars. Sorry you didn't have a good time here. Maybe next time will be better, if you decide to come back.
Posted on: Oct 09, 2008