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santa monica was my first u.s. city i've ever visited...and somehow i felt in love with it. that's why i'm always turning back everytime i visit california.

this year however i changed my opinion about it.

a few year ago... i really wasn't into nightlife, and i didn't care a lot about it.
now that i've been working for 3 years, as a .... no you don't wanna know:). i really wanna enjoy my vacations to the max. and IMO a good nightlife belongs to a great vacation. so this year we expected to have a good night time in santa monica. this wasn't the cas on weekdays, and weekends. santa monica is REALLY boring at night... there's no life after 11 pm on the streets..

the 3rd street promenande is a nice place to spend some hours during the day..
have a good lunch of bfast, running in and out from shop to shop.
.. watching the interesting street artists, having a good coffee, and getting ready for the evening...

the best thing about santa monica was the guy at our hotel-lobby, called Gene. we stayed at the GEORGIAN hotel for 6 nights... and he was the coolest guy i've ever met at a hotel. like in most of the cities i've mentioned in my california blog...once again.. in santa monica everything is about the money $$$. how comes that sexy asian girls all walk around with guys over 60, or guys that are so drunk that they can barely stand on their feet. rahter alcoholics than drunks... --> $$$
well nevermind, i will talk about that later....
Gene, the guy at the front desk, was a 40 year old afro-american. and he was so funny, and helpful.
we probably were the youngest customers at the hotel, not the richest ones, not americans, and he still welcomed us with arms wide open. everytime he could, he helped us...finding the right spots to go out, good advises for sightseeing, helped us with our departure ... always laughing, friendly, making jokes, and the most important, he seemed to be pretty honest. no fake show.... great guy! that's one of the main reason i would always turn back again to that hotel.

i still love the beach of santa monica, dunno know why...but i guess it might be the peer :)
i love lying on the beach and listening to the red hot chili peppers... they're like the perfect soundtrack for watching the waves, the ocean, and the scenery of malibu in the background...

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