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that's the new city i felt in love with.

we arrived at midnight in Santa Barbara, and while we were looking for a motel, we drove through the city.
it was a thursday night, and on the main street, ALL the bar & clubs were packed. and there were SOOOO MANYYYYY
beautiful girls on the street, ... we were so amazed, that we actually wanted to get out of the car, and party with them. but we went on looking for a motel. after we found one, got installed, took the baggages out of the car it was almost 1 .a.m. GRrrrrr... and honestly we were too tired to go out. what a pitty!

the next morning we went to the beach, and had breakfast til 11 a.m. in santa barbara.
we haven't seen that much...but the few people we've met were so kind. 2 women talked to us while we were sitting on the wall along the ocean walk. both started the conversation, and explained us that they moved from l.a. to santa barbara... cute women! too bad they didn't join us to las vegas:). we had breakfast at a diner just across the street. and the waitresss was the most beautiful girl we've seen on our whole trip through california. everything seemed so different in santa barbara it wasn't just about the money, the show, the fashion, bling bling.... people seemed to be more honest.

the shopping street downtown, looked very promising too. i love some clothing brands like obey, volcom, ... and it they had a volcom shop in that street. first one i've seen in my life. plenty of nice bars, coffee shops, restaurants, fastfoods... and all of these looked so classy.

one day i surely wanna spend 4-5 days in santa barbara. the guy in our motel told us, there would be so many young people in the streets at night, especially on weekends, because of the university of SB. so all the students go out on weekends. apparently the area next to the university, would even be more packed. so for all the guys&girls who wanna have fun, or get drunk.... GO TO SANTA BARARA!:)

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