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So, I have found a job that I love...even though im working til 6am in the morning sometimes, but its a good laugh and the social aspect of it is amazing! It's in an irish bar called Danny Doolans, I really love it, its always mega busy and rushed off my feet, which i love!! The staff are great and im just really happy with it.

I was phoned up from another bar and asked to do a trial, I was a bit hesitant as I totally loved Danny's and didnt want to let anyone down! One of the workers at Danny's said, just go, you have nothing to lose! So I went along for my trial. Lovely bar, really chilled out, relaxed and just a bar I would normally drink in - its a bit like the Social back home but not as busy! So Im on my trial, thinking this could be really good and part of me wanted to take the job. Then one girl that worked there got told to go home as it wasnt busy enough, so i thought i cant be doing with that. These guys walked in and the manager said "aww theres the scottish guys" I smiled as I knew they would chat away to me - as that seems to happen if your scottish! Hmmm he's pretty nice I thought (one of the scottish guys). After my shift I got a free drink and sat with the Scottish guys at the bar. Chatting away about my plans etc and telling them I was looking for a flat. "ahhh we have a spare room, i'll ask my manager if you can rent it" (as they are working as plumbers over here). Theres about 6 of them that live together.

Anyway, i gave him my number and said, let me know what he says. So thats all cool. Then he says "so when can I take you out" AHHHHH, did he mean a date? Why would he want a date, i was in the most disgusting clothes. Typical, I get asked on a date when i had little make up on and not looking the best and for the past few weeks i have woke up and slapped my make up on and tried to dress nicely!

He told me he hadnt been in that bar for ages. Do things happen for a reason? I wasn't even going to go to the bar for my trial! ok thats my psychoness stage over...but it does make you think.

Anyway, we went on our date, he was lovely, and he wants to see me again....bonus! I just have to wait and see how long he is staying in Auckland. I will keep you posted on it all. oh i also lost my fone that night and in the middle of dinner i emptied my bag on the table......can you even imagine me on a date......i had a pizza and the cheese was so stringy and it went all over my face......can't take me anywhere! I got my phone back though, i left it in the toilets in the hostel and someone handed it back, very honest!!!

So I have looked for a job and found one I love, now I have to find the perfect flat and flatmates!

All seems to be going too good just now, im just waiting for something to happen to make me stop smiling again!

Love and miss you all x x x x


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photo by: Fulla