I might get blown off the mountain, but I'm ganna have a nice tight ass.

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Today it was finally time to walk up Table Mountain. The cable car was closed due to the weather so I couldn't take it up if I wanted to. It was really windy so I could only imagine how bad it was at the top. I got up early to do it and was the ONLY person on the mountain. They tell you not to do that cause if you get hurt or fall you are totally screwed, but I had no choice as I have to leave tomorrow. I went up Pletteklip Gorge which is the easiest and shortest way up to the summit. Takes about an hour or so depending on your fitness level. It was reall hot till about half way up then the wind really starts to kick in and you need that jacket. Saw a bunch of snakes and really cool lizards, which i fed, though you are not really supposed to do that. Once you get close to the tope you hit the "Table Cloth" and you are in a cloud so it gets really cold really quick, plus you are starting to crap out when you get that far so you need to watch your footing as the rocks get pretty slippery due to the cloud percipitation. I am hardly a couch potato, I go to the gym like everyone else, but that is a good workout up to the top and that is the easy trail. They have other ones that say "Dangerous, Climb at own risk", I decided against those, especially as I was alone. Finally at the summit and you can't see anything inside that cloud. You can see about 20 feet in front of you and that is it. I made it over to the cable car station and thankfully the bathroom door was unlocked so I could get water and get out of the wind for a min. Everything else was closed and there was not one person on that mountain. You could get good shots close to the rail car cause the clouds start to evaporate once they hit that point and it does make for some breathtaking views. I stayed up there for a while until I feared frostbite would set in so I headed back down. Met a bunch of people on the way down asking how far and how is it. The way down just hurts your knees a bit, but it isn't strenuous at all. Spent some more time down by the water front taking in my last bit of Cape Town. Met up with the Americans and went to the club/bar Springboks out near Claremont. Awesome place, good vibe and cheap drinks.
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Cape Town
photo by: v10