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Unfortunatly due to time and such I am at the mercy of the Intercape bus company and this was the first bus I could get out to Namibia. I actually thought I might have too much time in Cape Town, but no that city is awesome, could have stayed longer, but the rest of Africa is calling me. So the bus is actually not bad. It was a Sleepliner which means the seats actually recline a bit, better the airplanes at least. Thankfully the bus wasn't even close to full capacity so I was able to get the two seats to myself which made the trip better. There were actually a bunch of Americans on that bus, all were exchange students at University of Cape Town taking a bit of a vacation. They will play at least one movie on the bus, though my movie, Left Behind, with the kid from Growing Pains could be the worst piece of garbage I have ever seen. I basiclly looked out the window as I wanted to see the terrain. Really cool actually, you can certainly tell when you are getting away from Cape Town as the lush greenery turns into dusty/deserty nothing. The bus does make periodic stops so you can get out and get food which is most welcome let me tell you. We stopped at several towns before hitting the South Africa/Namibia border. Luckily we hit the border at about 9 p.m. so thankfully we wouldn't have to have our sleep interupted for passport control. Once at the border the drug dogs get on to sniff anthing out and we all had to go register our laptops and cameras. The guy took my camera and typed in the number on the bottom into the computer, I have never seen that and have no idea what that was about. Once across and into Namibia I was waiting to board the bus again I saw a scorpion with prey in its claws crossing the road. I run over to see it up close and a border patrol man tries to cut off its stinger, but all that happens is the prey gets away and the scorpion scurries off hungry. Once across I took a sleeping pill and really knocked myself out until we reached Windhoek at 6 a.m.
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photo by: v10