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V&A Waterfront with Table Mountain in the background
Landed in Cape Town at 7:30 a.m. local time. Actually the flight was perfect as Germany and South Africa are in the same time zones, so I was sleeping on the plane instead of in Fulda, so I am not jet lagged at all. Haven't had a decent meal in 24 hours, but I'll live. Got through passport control, which was a bit more difficult than I imagined. I got raped with questions and had to present all these documents about how I was leaving South Africa, however since I am taking the Intercape Mainliner to Namibia next, not flying out, I got even more questions. Eventually got through and got a shared taxi to my hostel, the Long Street Backpackers. Actually the shuttle ride was really interesting as the couple in the car was from "Rhodesia" (thats how they kept referring to it).
Long Street. My hostel on the right.
They said they left after the Bush Wars and Ian Smith stepped down and moved to London. Right off the bat I got hit with a bit of non-political correctness. The hostel was actually really cool, they guy running it is really chill, he gave me a map and showed everything that I shouldn't miss, though I have a pretty good idea of what to do here. After shitty airplane food I was looking for something a little tastier, so I hit up the restaurant across the street. I ordered an "omelet", what I got was an egg on a piece of bread. I was hungry so I didn't care, but I would have preferred something a little more substantial. However the waiter was cool, he was from Zim and will never go back until Mugabe is dead...his exact words. He also made fun of me for ordering milk haha.
Nobel Square - (1) Nelson Mandela (2) FW De Klerk (3) Desmond Tutu (4) Albert Luthuli
After my "omelet" I decided it was time to see what this city has to offer and if it really is as pretty in real life as it is in the post cards....answer: Yes! most emphatically. First of all Table Mountain, the Lions Head and Signal Hill make any normal crap picture look pretty nice. First thing I noticed was police or some sort of street/neighborhood watch they have all over. They aren't exactly police, but its some sort of "keep on eye things" group. The entire Long Street is watched 24/7 by cameras. That's comforting...I guess. Long Street actually reminds me alot of New Orleans before Katrina, has the same look and feel as Bourban Street did. Anyway, the waterfront is really nice and the views are incredible. I didn't do much is I got lost, though if I have time I kinda like it as it gives me a chance to really get know see stuff and talk to people.
Entrance to the Castle of Good Hope
The people in Cape Town are so nice, these two guys showed me the South African high five, with a little smooth thumb press together than spin off. They had a nice laugh at me as I can't do it smoothly enough. I eventually stumbed upon the Castle of Good Hope which looks like a Chinese throwing star from the air. The castle itsef isn't much to look at, but the exhibits on the Anglo-Boer Wars are very interesting. As night begins to fall out come the drug dealers and pimps trying to lure you in, some even go as far as to make moaning noises which is a bit creepy haha. One thing you have to be careful about here and not just here, but throughout Africa is the sophisticated ATM scam that goes on. It happened to me, but thankfully I was aware enough not to listen to the men and not type my pin # in infront of them. Basiclly the ATM maschine will take your card and not recognize it, then these men will come to "help" you and if you type your pin # in front of them they memorize it and use a card reader to get the magnetic strip from your card once you have left. They started doing this to me, but I just got forceful and told them to back up and let me have my privacy. It actually happened to a guy in my hostel and before he realized something was wrong, $6,000 was gone from his account.
JeAr says:
wow, a very full first day! i like your blog, very matter-of-factly and informative! :)
Posted on: Oct 30, 2008
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V&A Waterfront with Table Mountain…
V&A Waterfront with Table Mountai…
Long Street. My hostel on the righ…
Long Street. My hostel on the rig…
Nobel Square - (1) Nelson Mandela
Nobel Square - (1) Nelson Mandela…
Entrance to the Castle of Good Hope
Entrance to the Castle of Good Hope
Inside the Castle of Good Hope
Inside the Castle of Good Hope
Cape Town
photo by: v10