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Well today was a long day. Had to catch the Intercape from Swakopmund to Windhoek, which was supposed to come at 1:30, but was a few hours late due to a couple break downs. I had to leave the hostel at 9:00 a.m. after the maid busted in and said "Where is my tip?" I was a bit taken aback, do we tip maids nowadays??? Anyway I just left to avoid any more akwardness which meant I was just going to walk around for a few hours with nothing to do. I tried to find the bus station, which isn't really a bus station, its just a couple benches on the curb. I asked a women if I was going in the right direction, she said yes and then as I turned to walk away she said "Give me an apple". Apparently her one word response warrented me giving her an apple as payment. You know, when they beg and I don't give them anything I sometimes feel a bit bad, but them just demanding me give them part of my lunch I was like absolutly not. Also just sitting and waiting for the bus you become a prime target for beggers and guys trying to sell stuff. This one guy came begging and I refused, then he started saying that since my ancestors stole his ancestors from Africa and made their money off the back of the black man, I owed him money as restitution. I had to change benches every few min and eventually just stood in the shade until the bus came. The only problem was that they sent the wrong bus and there was not enough room for everybody. I was luckily one of the first ones on so I got a seat, but there were about 10 people stranded in Swakopmund. We made the journey after what seemed like an eternity and I checked into the Cardboard Box in Windhoek. As I was walking around looking for the hostel a couple kids ran up to me shouting "Shirumbu", which means "white boy". Its not an insult, thats just what they say. I asked the women at the reception what it meant and she told me. I relaxed at the bar, had a beer and went to bed early as this day just drained me.
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photo by: v10