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Something else that I always wanted to do and thought what better place to do it than here in Cape Town with Table Mountain as my backdrop. The company sent a guy to get me as the drive out to the hanger takes about an hour. It is literally in the middle of a cornfield and they have a 100% safety record apart from the hanger burining down two years ago. Actually the guy that picked me up was a really interesting guy. He was a real big hippie as he told me that the best pot in Africa is in Swaziland haha. But seriously we had a good talk about Apartheid. He is a white male who grew up during Apartheid and still harbors some resentment towards the ANC. He said of course that Apartheid was wrong, but he also felt that the ANC was wrong and that they should have issued an apology for blowing up buidling and killing people. He said when he took a tour of Robben Island the women that led it was very bitter about being imprisoned, he asked what she did and she said she was a arms smuggler. He did have a point than gun running is illegal, in the US at least, and she deserved to be in prison. Her excuse was that she was left with no other choice and that "the ends justify the means". He said that after the ANC was elected that they disbanded the military wing and never spoke of it again, where he felt an apology was needed for violence that was done by them. He also criticised people who today blame all their problems on "the legacy of apartheid" he said that was 14 years ago we need to stop looking back and focus on the future. I enjoyed hearing what he had to say and it is true one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist, but the Apartheid government did leave them no other alternative....

We made it to skydiving and I got "kitted" and they showed me the tiny little plane that will take us up to 10,000 ft and free fall for 40 seconds. I was getting pretty pumped and not nervous like bungee jumping. 6 of us pile in, the tandem guy that i am attatched to, my camera man and another kid with tandem guy and camera man. The view are incredible as we circle Cape Town getting to the drop zone. The other kid goes first and I scoot to the edge and hang my legs out of the plane. I start to get a bit excited and a bit nervous and then the guy pushes us out. We flip and roll around for a sec before just plummeting back towards earth. It is just a euphoric high, not scary at all, but really cold and I was in shorts. Eventually the guy pulls the cord and we begin to coast gently back down. He lets me stear the schute which was cool and you can really whip that sucker around and make it do kind of a stomach flopping drop. We come back down on a sand patch with no broken bones. The only drawback is it is expensive with buying the DVD and tansport, so as a result I spent the rest of the day climbing Lions Head, a free activity, just enjoying the view. I actually met up with some Americans that I had met earlier at the Bungee jump to see a bit of Cape Towns night life...crazy.

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Cape Town
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