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Actually this all took place yesterday, but you could still see the aftermath today as I was walking around town before I had to go to the airport.

Basically the two candidates have very passionate supporters (there are billboards up saying "stop election violence") and almost everyone I met on the street had a button of one of the presidential candidates. So for lack of knowledge about the two parties or candidates I am going to use "Republican" and "Democrat" to tell you what happened.

There was a "Republican" rally in town yesterday and everything seemed fine until a giant truck carrying ballots drove through and the "Republican" supporters thought that they had already been checked off for the "Democrat" candidate. Whether they were or not I am not sure. Anyway the "Republican" supporters made a road block in the middle of town and threw petrol all over it and set it ablaze and refused to let anything pass. Eventually the police came shooting warning shots into the air and launching tear gas into the crowds.

*Please note this is not trying to insult American Republican or Democrat supporters, this is just easier to explain it this way. Please no political comments about the US elections*

The hostel had a warning up saying don't go into town, then after the police dispersed the crowd, they changed it to "you can go out, but there is prob still tear gas in the air". This is really sad as I spoke with the Zambian hotel staff and their country has always been so peaceful.
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photo by: sarahsan