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Had another tour today down Cape Point to the Cape of Good Hope as I didn't have a car it would be tough to get there without the tour. I am not a fan of guided tours, I like to do my own thing and not have someone tell me where I can and can't go, but I had no choice. I thought about renting a car, but alone on the other side of the road, I would end up going down the American side for miles before I realized. This was whole day tour that started at Houts Bay to see seal island, cool if you are into seals, me not so much, they just lie there and stink, plus I saw heaps of them in Australia so this was just ok, again the scenery was better than the seals. Then down to Simons Town and Boulders Beach to see the African Penguins, again not really my cup of tee. I want to see vicious animals in Africa not penguins, I saw them in Australia too. These are the jackass penguins (though not the official name anymore) because they sound like a donkey when the make noise. Plus they were moulting and stunk. Though this one penguin had the hots for me as it waddled over and we had a staring contest for a few min...I won. Then it was down to the lighthouse on Cape Point where we stoped for lunch and I had Ostrich. I heard that there is a farm where you can ride them, but I don't have time to make it there unfortunatly. Ostrich is really good, kinda tastes like Kangaroo. Up at the lighthouse it was soooo windy I almost lost my hat, but caught it before it went into the ocean. Breathtaking views. Then on to the Cape of Good Hope where I had to knock down old women and bite young children to get my picture taken with the imfamous sign that proves you were there. It really was crazy, there were like 50 people waiting to get a picture. Our guide even told us to get nasty cause otherwise we would never be able to leave. On the way back to Cape Town we stoped at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens were we foung the King Protea, the National Flower of South Africa. I'm no botanist, but it was a nice looking flower. The gardens were very lush and well put together. Did make for a nice walk.
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Cape Town
photo by: v10