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Made it back to Germany, though underdressed as I had shorts and a t-shirt on...I mean come on, it was Africa in summer, but getting home sucked. I had cold weather, I need to move somewhere where its warm year round.

Back home I looked at fotos and dvds of my trip to really try and soak it all up and figure out what I thought about this trip. Maybe its still to soon and I am still on a euphoric high, but I had an amazing time. The only thing that sucked was it was way to short and I didn't see enough. However I am glad I was able to do it as I am going to have to get a job at some point and I just won't be able to go on a whim to Africa.

Africa is a continent that I both love and pity. It has such beautiful landscapes, animals and people (both physically and in their hearts). I really felt welcome at all times, though the feeling of being a minority for a change was interesting, being stared at and generally feeling out of place, not in a bad way, just an interesting role reversal. It is also a place to humble yourself. Visiting the townships really makes you appreciate what you have and to not sweat the little things. When I think back to some of the crap I got upset with before it seems so trvial, especailly compared to how most people there live. Africa has a long way to go, but I hope and pray that the entire continent can better itself in the coming decades and then everyone can see what a wonderful place it is. I hate to hear that people are afraid to go as it really is amazing, but maybe its nice that its not as full of tourists as Europe, means its better for people like me ;) !!!
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photo by: hannajax