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Woke up still on the bus, I had been hoping it was all a dream, but no...We finally hit Zambia and for US passport holders you have to pay $135 US for the visa fee, but its good for three years and its multiple entry. Then continued on to Livingstone, driving through what to me, looked like Africa, small huts out of mud and thatch roof work, arriving only a meer 5 hours behind scheduale. Before we could even get out of the bus there were hoards of people saying "Jollyboys", "Faulty Towers" (the two big hostels in Livingstone) "I take you" I waited for the German guy who was also staying at Jollyboys to get his bag and the guy did walk us there, carrying the Germans bag on his head. Livingstone is pretty small, from what I saw, just a 2 lane main road with shops, banks, and other stores. Jollyboys is situated just opposite the Livingstone Museum and is in a great place. The hostel itself is amazing, great vibe, good food, staff tremendously helpful with booking activities, and the rooms have AC. I only saw 2 mosquitos, both in the bathroom which is outside, guess I didn't need the malaria stuff after all at this time of year anyway. After the bus ride it was nice to stretch my legs. I went to withdraw cash, but Zambia doesn't take Mastercard, so I just had to borrow some for food. Went to the local Shopright, which was always so nice in Namibia, well it looked quite dilapidated, the goods looked like they were all from 1982 and many of the shelves were empty. I also noticed that in Livingstone at least, the US dollar is almost a de facto currency. I could pay for the hostel, book all the activities and even buy food with American dollars, which I found odd. I booked the White Water Rafting day trip for tomorrow. The Zambians are very friendly though, one guy asked for my shoes in exchange for copper bracelets that he was selling, but I still needed my shoes ;). They always wanted to talk about US politics actually, especially as their own election is comming up on the 30th, so everyone is wearing the button of who he or she supports. This one guy dared me to chug the 2 liter of milk that I got and I did and he timed it. We both had a good laugh as I almost spit up milk on him.
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photo by: sarahsan