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So this is what I came down the Garden Route for...Bungee Jumping from Bloukrans Bridge. It is the highest commercial bridge jump in the world at 216 meters high. We drove over it first and I started to get a bit weak in the knees as it is really freaking high up, but I figured if you are going to do it, you might as well do it right. I got to my hostel first to check in. It is really nice, kind of like a hippie log cabin out in the middle of nothing, though surrounded by beautiful southern South Africa, so it wasn't too bad lol. I got to the bridge early as I wanted to be the first one, actually it was just me and 2 other Germans getting suited up. The guys who work there are really cool and they play really loud rock music to get you pumped up. They weigh you and you go from heaviest to lightest, I was second coming in at 74 kilos. The walk to the the actual bungee spot is under the bridge along a litte cage looking catwalk, which is actually scarier than the jump. The views from the bridge are breathtaking with the little Bloukrans river underneath you dumping out into the Indian Ocean. I watch the first German go and now my adrenaline is pumping so bad that I am shaking. I sit down and listen intently to what the guy is saying as he straps me in. They explain what rope does what to try to calm you down which is kinda cool. At one point my knees were shaking so bad that he asked why I was shaking because today, I am the safest man in South Africa. They tell you to swan dive off with chin up and arms out because it makes for better photos and DVD. They scoot me to the edge and of course I look down and I start thinking "Oh my GOD, can I really do this" and then comes the countdown and there is no turning back. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BUNGEE and I dove, dove like no man has dove before. It is actually such an amazing feeling to plumit towards earth at an alarming rate. I was focusing in on a pine tree below half expecting it to come straight into my head, but then comes that inevitable gentle tug around your shins. Then you bounce around like a rag doll before gently coming to a a stop. I half expected this to jerk my back out of whack as I hurt the small of my back lifting years ago and it still gives me problems sometimes, but no, it was all very smooth. As you are just hanging there with your toes pointed to your knees fearing that if you relax you will slip out, you begin to think "ok, get me the hell out of here now" and eventually a guy is lowered down to bring you back up to the bridge. He starts unhooking cables from your belt and I am holding on to his legs for dear life even though it is totally unnecessary. I got back on the bridge and was shaking so bad one guy started laughing saying I had Parkinsons disease. I then went into the Tsitsikamma National Park and did the Waterfall Zipline tour. It was cool and offered great views of a stunningly beautiful park, but after the jump it was a bit of a let down.
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photo by: Stormcrow