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First of all I would like to thank the band Toto for their 1982 classic "Africa" for inspiring the title of this blog.  Africa is a continent that has always fascinated me, ever since I was little. I remember when Nelson Mandela won the elections in South Africa in 1994 (I was 9) and they kept showing shots of the country on the news and remember telling my mom that I wanted to go there cause it looked really nice and so that I could spot all the animals I liked so much from Zoo Books. In 2005 my uncle beat me to South Africa and I was always a bit jealous of that, but I'll be the first one to Vic Falls, ha take that Bill! So naturally South Africa is my starting point for my trip. Unfortunatly I don't have enough time to see everything (I have to be back by November 1st for school) I want, but this is not my last trip to Africa, so I will at least hit the highlights and places that I really want to see. I actually found a decently priced flight out of Frankfurt, connecting in London, then on to Cape Town. Unfortunatly I have to fly with British Airways, I hate British Airways, I have never forgiven them for loosing my $200 camping bag, they didn't even compensate me for it those bastards, but whatever water under the bridge. I was adament about not checking luggage this time either (1 month with only a backpack full of clothes, I ought to smell real nice by the time I get back haha). I bought a new bag and stuffed it with clothes, determined to keep it carry on. Frankfurt Airport was no problem, the guy doing the bag check actually worked in Fulda, Germany for a few years so we chatted about the coincidence that I work/go to school there. Left Germany at 2 p.m. arriving in London at 2:45. Africa here I come...
JeAr says:
hahaha great blog title!!! i love that song!!! :-)
Posted on: Oct 30, 2008
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