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near Derinkuyu underground city in Cappadocia
Ready for my second day in Cappadocia. Had an exquisit breakfast accompanied by many bees as they were hungry too I guess. Today there was a lot on the programme. A minivan would take me to Ihlara valley. It was great to see some villages of Cappadocia for the first time, You really became 'zen' if you see the slow way of life and tranquillity over there. The minivan stopped at a first viewpoint (apparently!), a white valley with alot of peaks! Then it headed further to an  underground city of the region : Derinkuyu. This is a network of underground hallways gradually going below the surface with carved out rooms. The entire city has 8 floors and is very narrow in some points.
church 8 floors below surface!
Watch your head!lol.  Without a guide, I would certainly have gone lost so hiring a guide is mostly recommended! This underground city was used to hide for the enemy and people lived there for a long time, sometimes blocking some hallways to prevent the enemy from intruding: this was very educational and I also learned some history. Anyway, I was glad I saw the sunlight again when I got out and then the minivan brought me further on to Ihlara valley. Think I arrived there by noon.

During our drive from one place to another I was petrified by the beautiful landscapes and really loved life in this part of Turkey. The pictures below also show the old monastery I ran into after Ihlara valley. A deer carved into some cave walls is still very clearly to be seen. During my walks over here I really felt at ease because the area has an outstanding beauty and the silence is also one of the things I loved there.  The pressure of daily life, the way of rushing is far away here.
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near Derinkuyu underground city in…
near Derinkuyu underground city i…
church 8 floors below surface!
church 8 floors below surface!
underground city Derinkuyu
underground city Derinkuyu
winery part of Selime monastery ( …
winery part of Selime monastery (…
Jeroen, one of my mate fellow trav…
Jeroen, one of my mate fellow tra…
photo by: tacco14