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delicious Turkish meal next to the road to Antalya. köfte!

Today we would travel to Olympos via Isparta and Antalya in a form of a hitchhiking contest. After a short breakfast we hit the road and guess what,  I felt ill and had some serious problems in my belly.  I think it must have been the fault of some vegetables that were not sufficiently fresh or maybe the mountain water had something to do with it.

None the less,  I started hitchhiking. First  2 Kurdish people from East-Turkey picked us up. They went to Isparta to sell some apples on the local market there. They told me that I could get some for my trip to Olympos, very friendly dudes.

hitchhiking in the truck of Ali Baba to Antalya!
  Despite my bit of knowledge of Turkish I understood a few words but it was hard to understand them.  What I do know is that they were not fond of the Turkish government and that they didn't like terrorists like everybody I met there.  They dropped me off at the crossroads Isparta - Antalya, I shook hands and wished them a good sale on the market.  Then another truck driver picked me up to Antalya which was about 300km away at that point. I was very lucky as the driver went straight to Antalya.  A very nice and friendly man. His fellow truckdriver called him Ali Baba, Ali because that was his name and Baba because he was a proud father of 2 children. He lived in Mersin.  Half way, he stopped next to the road and prepared a full turkish meal : köfte with vegetables and Sri -Lanka tea. Delicious and he sure knew how to prepare it because he had been a cook in a former job. Next to that, the ride to Antalya was very pleasant. He listened to some Turkish and Arab music I liked very much and he told me about everything of Turkey I could understand. This was sure one of my most memorable experiences in Turkey. He could also speak a little English and drove to several countries such as Iraq for example.  There was some kind of damage in front of his truck because he had been near to a bomb explosion in Iraq, done by an American convoi. Luckily he wasn't injured, only some material damage to his truck.

The landscape from Isparta to Antalya is so beautiful!  It's quite remarkable become greener again the more you get closer to the coast, but there do is a lot of road pollution such as cans, plastic,  dirt, you know.  Apparently some Turkish people don't seem to care that much about the environment as we do in Belgium. I said goodbye and changed telephone numbers when I was almost in Antalya.

Then I had to hitchhike in the busy tourist citycentre of Antalya, and hopped on and off a bus without paying. It's the most hideous city I have ever seen in my opinion so I wanted to get away here as fast as possible and fix me a ride to Olympos. Antalya is mainly focussed on mass-tourism and for me it was such another world compared to Istanbul, Cappadocia and Egirdir.

On the road that lead to Kemer, I found a ride in a little minivan with Turkish hippie-kind people who drove to Olympos. Did a few stops along the way because they were hungry, thursty or you know, haha.  They were really friendly and lived in Side.  they were quite surprised as well when I could speak a little Turkish. Anyway, they dropped me off in Olympos.

In summer it could be really busy here, but same story as everywhere else in Turkey : in september the place was deserted!! we almost had an entire and most beautiful beach to ourselves and now I know why this place is so much loved here. Unfortunately I had to leave again the following day.

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delicious Turkish meal next to the…
delicious Turkish meal next to th…
hitchhiking in the truck of Ali Ba…
hitchhiking in the truck of Ali B…
photo by: Auditarchi