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Beer made of thistles - it really is, too
Photos to follow - I seem to have lost my camera cable!

I'm not going to explain why I needed a strategic retreat to the North, but when I need a strategic retreat, it's Edinbsurgh I retreat too.  I have a wide range of supportive Aunts, and a lot of friends of the kind who have put me to bed when I was drunk in University.  This makes it a good place to run to.

Actually, I had prebooked this one - I had some time booked off anyway - and my friend Sasha had time off too.  So that was cool, because they don't have spare flat keys and I could hang out with her. 

On Friday, we decided the best thing to do would be to go for a walk across Arthur's Seat.  Arthur's Seat, for those of you less familiar with Edinburgh, is the large extinct Volcano you can see fromthe rest of the city.  It's shaped a bit like a lion. Having patiently explained to Chris that we weren't going to climb it today, because I hadn't brought hill-climbing shoes, and I was tired, we set off.  And somehow, utterly predictably, arrived in The Sheeep's Heid.  The sheep's heid is a wondrous pub, full of amazing real beer.  I had beer with thistles instead of hops (It's called Blesed Thistle, and it tastes very nice - quite a light one, beer fans - well worth a shot), and beer with ginger in - not ginger beer, that's different - and something else.  ANd sudden;y, it was to late to get food there.

Off we strolled round the hill again, and suddenly it was vitaly important that I sing.  This is what  mean about Edinburgh.  People who didn't know me in University might have been slightly surprised that I suddenly burst into song.  People who did know me in Uni are only relieved that it isn't Hymn to the Cigarettes by Hefner again.  On this occasion, I was serenading the stars with the Habanera from Carmen, to which I know half the words in English, and half in French.  Sasha has very charitably said that it wasn't a bad rendition.  Bless. And the fact I was doing that on about four beers speaks volumes...

Next, we got a kebab in a kebab shop on Nicholson Street.  No idea what it was called, but there can't be that many Lebanese take aways in Edinburgh.  If you find it, then it is really, really nice.  Proper lamb and everything. 

And then Chrsi wanted to go to the Royal Oak.  I had never been, because back when I lived in Edinburgh, I could never get my friends to go to folk bars. Chris only went in for one of the guest ales.  So I didn't know that I loved Folk bars this much.  The review is below, but the short version of the story is I got even tipsier, misty eyed because there was a strong chance my late father had got drunk there too, and went home several hours later singing star of the bar. Extremely badly.  ANd telling Sasha how great she is.  And telling Chris that he should wear warmer clothes.  

This is exactly what a strategic retreat should be...
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Beer made of thistles - it really …
Beer made of thistles - it really…
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photo by: vances