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The drive down to Tampa was rather interesting.  We drove for about an hour when my brother notified us that we all needed to pull over.  He was freaking out because he couldn't find his drivers liscense which would serve as his proof of identity for the cruise.  He turned his car around, while the other cars in the caravan proceeded to Tampa.  About another 30 minutes later Scott called my mom's cell phone to let her know he had his drivers liscense all along and that he was turning back around.

We continued without further incident to Tampa.

We all boarded the ship and had lunch together on the Lido Deck.  After lunch we headed down to the cabins where I found my suitcase, but not my brother's, who was rooming with me.  We waited and waited for his luggage but it never showed.  Being previous cruisers we knew that it is okay to not follow the dress code of the dining room on the first night of the cruise since there are rare occasions that your suitcases don't make it to you by dinner time.

Just as we were getting ready to head down to the sushi bar where we arranged to meet our group there was a phone call from the pursuers desk. 

"Hello Ms. Swim, is Mr. Swim available?" the woman asked.
"No he isn't," I replied.  "May I help you?"
"Will you please have him come to the pursuers desk and have him ask the pursuer to contact secuirty when he comes down?"
"I'll be right there."  I responded and headed down to the desk to see what was going on.

While I was waiting in line my brother just so happened to cross through the lobby.  I called him over and let him know what happened.  Homeland security had scanned his baggage and found something suspicious in it that they wanted to investigate.  They asked me to stay in the hallway and then took Justin into the room by himself.  They asked him to open the lock on the suitcase but he didn't know the code.  I was then asked to open it on his behalf.  As soon as I opened the suitcase the man from Homeland Security burst out laughing.  He picked up my brother's belt buckle and examined it.  The shape of his belt buckle was two guns and Homeland Security wanted to ensure that they were not real guns.

He rushed to get changed for dinner while the rest of us had sushi and drinks from the nearby bar.

Dinner was horrible.  The food was nowhere near as good as it was last year on the very same ship and the service was terrible as well.  Granted last cruise we had the best waiter in the world and therefore had high expectations, this waitress was awful.  We ate during the early seating at 6pm.  The next seating was at 8:30 and it wasn't until 8:00 that we got our first entree at my table.  The people at my table were well aware that you can order however much food that you want, therefore the men ordered more than one appetizer.  We got our desert menu at 8:28 .  Andrew looked at our waitress "Will we even have enough time to eat desert or will you kick us out?  Don't you have another group to get ready for?"

"Oh yes, you are right.  I am sorry but you cannot have desert tonight.  I have to ask you to leave." 

What?  Denied dessert?  That is unheard of!  Hopefully the rest of the week will be better...

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