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Grand Cayman was the least favorite of the four ports we visited.  Last year when we went I had a great experience swimming with stingrays and this time I wanted to see more of the island.  It's not a terrible place, don't get me wrong.  In fact, it's beautiful.  It's just the the other 3 ports are spectacular ports.  I signed up for an island tour with my mom, dad, Grandpa and Missy.  The tour would show us around the Western Side of the island.  We also got to visit Hell, a sea turtle far and the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory.  We started with the sea turtle farm which was brilliant!  The sea turtles ranged from 8 weeks old to over 100 years old.  The old fellows were massive, it was so cool to see them swimming around.

  I had no idea how noisy they were.  Every time they came up for air they made a loud sound, much like a whale does.  They were such gentle creatures.  There were several tanks with baby sea turtles.  The guides allowed us to handle the baby sea turtles and they truly seemed to enjoy it.  When you first pull them out of the water they panic a little bit but I learned that if you stroke them on their throat they calm down.  Some even fell asleep in my arms.  They were so cute!  Naturally, I couldn't resist kissing them.

Next we went to the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory which was literally the size of a convience store and it was as packed as Target on Black Friday.  I decided I would pass on rum cake sampling as I've tasted it before and wandered around a nearby petrified reef instead.  I got some great pictures and had some time to myself, which was rather nice.

After people finished getting their rum cake fix, we went to Hell, which was the biggest tourist trap I have ever visited in my life.  A Puerto Rican man dressed in jeans, a red cape and hand made devil horns walked around asking people "What the hell are you doing here?"  It was lame-o.


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