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Thursday. Clouds cut off the tops of the mountains at about 8,000 feet and it's sprinkling. Not a good day. J is still sick, but slept better, and feeling somewhat better. The Texans are leaving today, but not before he gave us a handful of coins from Denmark, Sweden and Norway, just where we're going! I ask Tim about staying another night, and he's put us down for it. Might as well, lousy weather today, and our favourite place and free wireless.
J is up to 17 British phrases that he has used unintentionally. Too funny. Now he's looking at a list... one that struck me funny is..."bob's your uncle" which means something like nothing else to say about it really.
We hike again in lite rain to Murren, sweating in the humidity and then sunshine. We witness a young couple having a spat. J gets some more SwissFrancs now dispensing from the ATM. He gets a Gimmelwald patch, and we get lunch from the store. I get a Herald-Tribune at the Schilthornbahn and we walk back. Eat at the tables at Walter's with occasional spit rain. Upstairs to play on laptops again. Rosemarie is on her knees scrubbing the stairway and has the hallway blocked off to do so. J and I have a plan to play off one another at dinner about her dedication, etc. Rained all afternoon. We are bored and thanking GOD that we have wireless. I play with one of the 3 loving cats around meet a man outside from Ontario while J is showering.
Fun spaghetti dinner tonite. We sort of blew our chances with Tim 'cause he brought Rosemarie up first, but I laid it on with things like, "Did you threaten her? Did you have a big talk with her? I've never seen such dedication, I think she's working on a raise or something!" J says Tim turns red, just laughs and can only say "She was working 6 hours on the stairs", an exaggeration. Later, she huddles in the corner with the dishes. Tim says he came down one night 2am and she was doing that. J laughs inside about it. Nice lady from Orlando with completely silent niece could hardly believe cows were flown by helicopters, but Tim convinces her, then some badger talk, I did a few trivia questions, but evening was highlighted by Judge's first pictures of badgers off the internet, and beautiful pictures from '05, then showed videos of flying men with rockets and a 1960 video of man jumping out of a hot air balloon at 102,000 feet if you can imagine that.. took 13 minutes at 640 mph! Incredible.
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photo by: erin217