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Wednesday. Man, did the wind ever Blow last night.. didn't last real long but were a couple of rounds there that sounded very strong indeed! Our shutter was banging against the siding, and ended up at 2am jamming one of my shirts in the gap to stop it....much better. Rained off and on too.
Breakfast downstairs, chatted, Chicago couple and 2 rock climbing girls, one from Indianapolis were leaving. Judge and I hike up to Murren in off/on sprinkles and thru to Winteregg and Grutschalp. Nice! Took the train back to Murren, and got a lunch at Alpenruh hotel. Sun is finally starting to appear and day gets better and better. The lift up to Schilthorn is still closed account high winds. Lots of water tumbling down from the white waterfalls, so unusual, lots of noise to them too. Hoping for stars tonite and weather to be ok for the James Bond breakfast deal the the top of Schilthorn. Just relaxing in our room this afternoon, J not feeling so energetic, we did have a good hike this morning... good.
J runs a series of 9-11 conspiracy theory videos. It's chicken night and the long dining table is full. Another fun crowd, Portland folks. Couple from Ft Lauderdale. Some are going from this paradise to Italy. Pity to be doing a trip that way. Gal next to J has spent 5 months near Florence in school and is ready to go home. Tim and I drink wine together and have lots of laughs and he tells me more funny stories that have happened here, and a few more Rosemarie stories, she "works" here. Tim recalls one night 5 marines were here and drank a Lot, Tim went to bed, got up 2am to use bathroom and this marine had crawled in his bed when he got back, and had some trouble waking him up enough to go to his own room! Another story: In the morning Walter not too talkative but I could tell something was just not quite right.... but I didn't know what... and a bit later one or our guests walked back to apologise... he had had drank wayyy too much, had to throw up, and the only thing he could find in time was a water pitcher... and had just left it all there. Walter had found it.
J walks up to Murren and back. When I come upstairs he is busy at his laptop. Stars have come out. Tim says a complex isobar weather system is over CH and too hard to predict.
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Tuesday. Windy overnight, now clear in the morning. We catch the 10:09 right thru to Zurich, Bern and Interlaken, get tickets to Gimmelwald and meet 2 Houstonians celebrating 35 yrs together at the ticket office and ride up with them to GIM. I talk with this handsome college guy from Seattle on the lift. We are soo relieved to arrive here!!! Windy but perfect weather, we hike with luggage up the steps to Walters, where Tim is outside talking with 2 girls. He gets me a beer and we catch up. Tigger, the cat was "squashed" he says, by a passing vehicle. Walter is taking a needed nap, it's been nasty weather but (now that we are here) it's really nice! Says Rick Steves son is here staying at the Mountain Hostel. It turns out THAT's the guy I spoke to from Seattle! Tim says he will be here later, but never came. WOW! Waterfalls are going full strength with massive snow melt going on! Tim says help yourself, so I have a second big beer. We have a mountain view balcony room!!! Godddd! After J stops sneezing from allergies, and we watch a few youtubes on the free wireless provided by Tim, we head down down down for a hike down this ravine. Wow, so beautiful. J goes farther than I and we end up having barely enough time to get back for dinner! Helps J to have long legs here, he beat me big time returning! Was just barely on time at 7:30
Spaghetti night which means free red wine. Crowd is fun. I sit next to Tim and across from J. The Texans, well, are being Texan. The young couple across from us rent from Lon Frye, architect in Chicago's Wicker Park, where I used to live, even guessed correctly at their landlord's name who was a friend and former n'bor of mine! Amazing! Zack is incredibly handsome and she, great fun to talk to. They read and answer with most of the table my 32 trivia questions I made up about Switz and Gimmelwald and this hotel. Fun time. J sees lightning outside and most of us stand outside watching bats and big lightning. J stays and watches sport/climbing videos, and I retreat upstairs to type this. It seems just like old times again here! So fortunate to be here and experience this wonderful joyous place one more time. Spent several weeks here both in 2004 and 2005 and have been visiting this area since in college in 1976. Heaven on earth. Even the t-shirt the Mountain Hostel sells says on it "If heaven isn't what it's cracked up to be, send me back to Gimmelwald!"
photo by: erin217