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Monday. We are up about 8, I am anxious to get going, bikes on the train... A is not here by 8 or much later. After our coffee and tea after 9, we go to her car by the oceanfjord, and J wakes her up with gnome noises. She wants to sleep even more. We go to market, check on bike rates $45! Yikes. Then go to the room, then check on her again. The exciting patch of blue we've been seeing is covered now, and it looks like rain. Nobody has this crystal ball to know what the weather will do. Dammittall. I suggest and get a funny picture of J and A with Nordic Viking horned hats on.
I suggest instead of bikes, a nice hike along a road a ways and then up to a view of a nice waterfall. We do that, recalling happily more adventures from our trip. Easy for me to work up a sweat on this climb up. We have snacks at the dome top with excellent view of the valley below, train line, snow on mountains and the oceanfjord, and of course this rushing waterfall. We take pictures, sit and relax a while. It's a bit breezy, I think J is ready to go, and after a while we do. We walked a rather long way. Get food at market, and I lie down for a while. Then as she is leaving for her car to rest, I take a shower for 10NOK or $2. and then work on this write-up while J naps. Sun is out.
After J naps, I want to try for wireless and we head out together, gal at internet place says her computers are the only option. I pay $5 for 15 min. All is ok with family. We hunt for open wireless and end up over at the Freitheim Hotel, where we need a password, and J simply asks at the front desk if they have wireless, and she prints for bofus a free password, and we are on! Amazing. We're not even staying here!
We collect A from her car and have a fried whitefish dinner at the same cafe'. We watch an Ashton Krucher movie on J's theatre and it's really funny! From J's log: "After dinner it was movie night at Cinema Judge; we finished watching the movie Dave and I started the other night. After that we watched a short BBC special on how George Bush stole the election in 2000; that was VERY interesting. I read and drift off to sleep later in our room. It rains overnight."
JudgeDredd says:
Ohhhh..and that hike was great.
Posted on: Nov 29, 2008
JudgeDredd says:
Bofus!! Haha!!
Free wifi was BRILLIANT!
We sure enjoyed those meals at that one place.
Posted on: Nov 29, 2008
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