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We hit the breakfast buffet @ 7:30, made 2 sandwiches, grabbed some fruit, and boarded our Komfort Class seats on this electric self-propelled new train that was going to Bergen. It's a popular train alright. Departed 8:11am train to Mydal and Flåm for 3 nights We quickly meet our fellow travelers. Ian from Melbourne, Australia is facing us. He and J talk sports and J shows him some tricks on his camera. From Lowell, Mass, a mother, 2 college boys and silent sister are across from us. We all share travel stories together and laugh. Her kids are razzing her about her devotion to Rick Steves. They have luggage all purchased thru him, and absolutely lap up the data we are feeding them. A lot of talk about ripoffs.
Rick Steves writes for us: "Every morning, Northern Europe's most spectacular train ride leaves Oslo at 8:11 a.m. for Bergen. Cameras smoke as this train roars over Norway's mountainous spine. The barren, windswept heaths, glaciers, deep forests, countless lakes, and a few rugged ski resorts create a harsh beauty. The railroad is an amazing engineering feat. Completed in 1909, it's 300 miles long and peaks at 4,266 feet, which, at this Alaskan latitude, is far above the tree line. You'll go under 18 miles of snow sheds, over 300 bridges, and through 200 tunnels in just under seven hours. At Myrdal, a 12-mile spur line drops you 2,800 breathtaking feet in 55 minutes to the village of Flåm on Sognefjord".
We arrive right at 2pm into Flåm, say good-byes to the Boston family, and Ian, and Angelica (anjah-Leeka referred hereinafter as A) who J met in Slovenia with his buddy (and travbuddy) Colin, fails to meet our train as expected. After some quick searching, we walk not so far across the fast-flowing river to our hostel. Lovely lady who runs the place with her family and I talk. She says it has not rained here since April! She remembers me, and it's fun, and as before recommends kayaking or a trip to another town tomorrow. We got a great double room upstairs with 2 windows and an escape door. Sweet! We go back into the little village and see the market is closed now. It's starting to drizzle. We wander down to the Ocean water, though we are a long ways from the coastline. The seagull that buzzed me last time is gone, and we see mussel and clamshells and seaweed. We decide with some reluctance to have dinner about 6 and end up with a large plate of salmon and potatoes. A+. We come back, and start a comedy movie on J's laptop and are getting into it when the manager arrives and says someone is here to see us. Angelica has arrived and I make some coffee and she and J reconnect and recall some snoring lady in their hostel. She remembers a lot about J and Colin. Funny. We eventually go to a cafe' and J makes fun of me spending $10 for a small bagette of shrimp. Manager a bit nervous about having A here, wants to charge her for parking her car here overnite, clear that she cannot stay here, and after 1045 told her she must leave now, and does. She is going to sleep in her car. The reason why she was late was because she got tired and pulled over to sleep with her feet on the door, and ended up waking up 5 hours later. It even cleared up to some blue skies and some clouds are still lit up by the sun even at this hour. Neither one of us is tired, but J intelligently suggests closing our eyes and we do.
JudgeDredd says:
That stupid market closing so bloody early!!..LOL
Posted on: Nov 29, 2008
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photo by: mountaingirl