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Fri We finally end up going to sleep about 1:43am. Well, folks it's finally over. We did so soooooo much, but it all went by wayyyy too fast. To Etlannnah and Salt Lake for Judge, and to Boston and New Hampshire for me today. J gets all packed up one final time, sits one last time as if he really doesn't want it to be over.....and we give each other a big hug, He's out the door 8am. Dang. The room is quiet, nobody to talk to, I am back to just myself again, on my own. We were together just about every waking moment on this month-long trip. It was so harmonious. I am so grateful to have a new travelbuddy, and he has one in me too. I got 2 new ideas about a future January trip to New Zealand and Australia trip on the flight down here yesterday. I take another brief nap. Magpies are playing in the pools of rainwater on the rooftops here. Make myself a coffee in the room in silence. I miss my buddy already. Hotel charged me twice for computer usage 15 euros or about $21. I have loads of euros left over. Well, I casually pack up myself and go to check-out. Got a receipt. No indication any problem with using my authorized voucher. At boarding area standing in line with a young handsome German firefighter from Stuttgart. He's nervous about the flight, his first big one, off to see his uncle in Boston for 2 weeks. I tell him about dalmations. Cool guy. I sit next to a man originally from W Berlin but American, met wife in Grand Rapids. Turned out to be a good seatmate. Lifted off soon after 3pm. Lots of music to listen to, I read, work on laptop until battery ready to quit, flight was nice, and saw the mouth of the St Lawrence River, Bangor, and into Boston 45 minutes early because of a 78 mph tailwind at one point while over Canada! Shot right thru immigrations and customs and out the door. Turned my cell phone on for the first time since 12 MAY, J has left a msg is at Atlanta and watched 4 movies on Delta. I call him as he's boarding to Salt Lake. "Keep working on that next trip, buddy" he ends with. I am able to board a 5pm bus instead of a 7pm. Yesss! We are stuck in crazy Boston downtown traffic, we detour around an accident in a tunnel and get to see the USS Constitution, but around the New Hampshire border traffic clears up, and match up perfectly with my parents waiting for me at the Dartmouth Inn in Hanover. Whew.....They have been married to each other for 54 years, and I've never seen them happier. How rare and wonderful. Stayed also with my brother and family Sunday and Monday and Tuesday, June 17th, I flew home Lebanon, NH to LaGuardia to Indianapolis. Infinitely grateful this totally all worked out so harmoniously. As my Grandmother said to me on more than one occasion, "David, Complaint is Poverty; Gratitude is Riches, and I am a very wealthy woman". And she was. So am I. A really wonderful trip. It just all fell into place and flowed as it should. Thank-you, Judge for making it that much more fun.
JudgeDredd says:
I'm ready for the next trip!
Posted on: Nov 29, 2008
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