Taormina, and we see Mt Aetna red lava at night!

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Made some coffee, had some hot instant oatmeal, and a nice conversation with Tina, gave her a load of fresh newspapers "in English!" she exclaims. We get into a most interesting discussion with Alex from Holland from everything to war, Bush, his bus trip all over America, to Bhudhism to Spirit. Nice guy!
We head out to town again, and stumble apon the Greek ruins of an ampitheater built in the 3rd century. Great views of all around from up there. Hot sun but not overpowering at all. Nice breezes. No view of Mt Etna yet, we hear the stories of eruptions, even one last Thursday with lava visible at night! Strolled through a nice garden park with tall trees and varieties of flowers. Had an outside lunch, and strolled back to the hostel about 3 to work on our laptops, put some pictures on them, and relax. So far, we seem right on the same wavelength about level of activity, when to sleep, etc. We stroll back into town again, walk all the way through, and our familiar restaurant is strangely closed as is the pizza place next door. We see the peak of Aetna now, with some smoke too! We order dinner at Carpe Diem, an obvious tourist place, but nicely shaded and our waitress is real spunky and has a cute behind. The fresh squoze OJ tastes like only water and orange rind! No sugar or orange flavor. I reject it. What was going on here? The pizza was very acceptable.
After we picked up some provisions for the train ride tomorrow at a grocery store, we strolled around in the darkness, and J lets out a "Dude! Look at the volcano!" to me. A DCP first, we are watching from a safe distance an active volcano at night with often 2 streams of red glowing lava spilling down the side. It wasn't coming from the main crater but a side eruption. It would die down, then only a red dot visible, then start again. I even witnessed a spurt of it shooting out. Way, way cool to see. Many others watching too! That was certainly the highlight so far!
Back at the ranch, more talking with Dutch Alex, who shared some "Mafia wine" with me. He snored again.
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photo by: Vlindeke