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Sat. J looks up in the attic loft where we stayed in '05. We say our good-byes, Walter declines my invitation to come with us to Denmark, laughing and saying "Diss is verr de Icelandic people are...ha hah... have a good trip" The 9am lift takes us down sadly, a group from Malaysia, and noticing the falls are down a bit on the bus to Lauterbrunnen, train to Interlaken Ost, and a nice German ICE train to Interlaken West, J gets his allergy meds, back to Ost, and COOP time for lunch takeaway, J's socks are bunching up again, and we are off and running 1104am narrow-gauge line to Meiringen along lake Brienz, then reversing direction up over the Brunig Pass to Lucerne. Nice! We are getting tired tho. 6 min connection for our last train in Switzerland to Zurich airport. Kiosk check-in fails, tech support checks us in and bags are 16 and 14 KG well under the 20 max. Now we have about a 3 hr wait in this Huge terminal. Our gate is displayed now, and we go thru security, the agent says "you have many coins" and I tell him I give US coins as tips and he asks if I knew the Fed was a private company and ends up writing for me to research Aaron Russo America Freedom to Fascism and something about "the creature from Jekyll Island". I'll research it later.
Other notes: Tim says if Swiss military jet goes speed of sound, it can travel the country in 7 minutes! We learn of, and photograph an aluminum suspension footbridge with no handrails and not connected at the ends.... not open yet, seems a huge liability! Tim fails to print for me Why the English language so hard to learn, as he agreed to, he is getting lazy. The orangish color on some of the snow high up we think is attributable to the sands/dust from the Sahara Tim has mentioned, perhaps came with those heavy winds the first night?
Checked in with Swiss, exited the country, boarded out A-321 cattle-call version. 45 min delay because of traffic over Germany. An elderly Chinese couple are sitting with me.n J is pissed because the lady has so very short legs and has 20 feet of legroom in an exit row, and J's knees are pressed up against seat in front of him. He thinks there should be a law preventing such things.
After takeoff the woman puts some smelly white pads all over her face and eyes. Her timer blinks and she changes them; Weird. The old man fell asleep, head leaning forward, and was drooling in his lap. Later when they wanted a red wine during turbulence, I decided this was a good time to move across the aisle and one row back. I ended up counseling this Greek gal about fears of flying. She was counting down the minutes until touchdown. Got bags and while putting my laptop in suitcase I realize some of the liquid laundry soap we got in Florence has escaped in my bag! Not too bad, tho.
Easily caught a train to downtown Copenhagen and we notice several adults have cans of beer with them drinking on the train. At the second stop after downtown, we arrive at Osterport, and our Comfort Inn is right across the street. Alas, the only superior rooms they have are only one bed, had to downgrade to a regular one that is Right on the main passenger tracks. Noisy when the train is right outside our window! The gal at front desk feels bad, and gives us some free fruit drinks and off we go to #122. She doesn't undertand the reservation using points, and I offer to e-mail her our confirmation which I've done.
We are still warm from the day, and room is warm, but opening a window cools us down. Neither one of us feels a need to go downtown tonite, fine with me. I don't seem to mind the trains that much, J thinking it's going to be a long night. We'll see. 11:30pm. We were in-transit 12 hours today J says. There is still a slight evening glow out. Too hard to believe we were at Walter's today; seems a week ago.
JudgeDredd says:
Posted on: Nov 29, 2008
JudgeDredd says:
That was a VERY LONG day!
Posted on: Oct 05, 2008
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